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Ramblings with Nancy and Linda – Discussing what you need to work from home… Nancy and I talk about business and family and life all the time. We decided to let you all in on our conversations!

Every week we will talk about what is happening in our businesses as well our lives. These conversations will be recorded and posted on our blogs and on Facebook.
You can download these calls and put them on your MP3 players or your phone and listen while you are driving or waiting in line somewhere. (I like to listen to training while I am fixing dinner. If you have been following what is happening in our family, I am in the kitchen a LOT these days!)

In our first ‘conversation’, we talked about our morning routines. Life has changed a lot for me this year. Both kids are now working and for the first time in their lives they aren’t home. If any of you home school, you will understand the significance of this event!

When you home school you are with your kids every day. This was a blessing! Many moms wait until their kids are in school to get work done. I gradually built a business while the kids were at home. Now they are both working and it has been an adjustment.

We also talked about Facebook. Facebook is constantly changing and it is important to stay on top of the changes. We discussed the new rule concerning usernames and the SSL change coming October 1st.

Nancy made several new videos on how to increase user engagement on Facebook. She is such a natural at conversing with fans on Facebook! If you want to learn how to engage your visitors, go ‘Like’ Nancy’s page and just watch what she posts and how she comments.

The last item we mentioned was the Charity Event we are sponsoring. The Lord laid it on Nancy and Steve’s heart to donate to an orphanage in Guatemala and we are now turning it into an event! You can donate products or services to this event. All the proceeds will go to helping this orphanage!

So if you want, you can listen to this ‘conversation’ here or download it to your computer or favorite listening device.

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