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Why it is important to communicate about sexual difficulties

What happens if couples ignore erectile problems, a low or no sex drive, or difficulty reaching orgasm?
Quite simply, it can devastate even the most solid of couples.

When people lose touch with their sexuality and sensuality, the quintessential intimacy between a couple is lost. A marriage can function without sex but it cannot function without intimacy and touch.

Erectile problems usually are a big red flag that something is not working on the man’s body. For example, if he has high blood pressure that is leading to a stroke, or the first signs of diabetes, he won’t be able to achieve a full erection for any degree of time. It is absolutely necessary he go to the doctor and get this checked out—even if he is mortified to talk about his lack of erection.

When women go through menopause she loses most of her estrogen. Intercourse can be uncomfortable to painful.

Skin thickens as we age and it becomes more difficult to achieve orgasm as easily.

How does ignoring these problems affect the other aspects of the relationship?
Women feel they are not sexy enough and that their partner is rejecting them. Men feel a big part of them has died and are silently distraught.

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Comment by Kasi on November 18, 2008 at 5:01pm
This happened to my stepfather and my mom with heart disease. He lost his ability to maintain an erection, didn't like the drugs to help it.... and stopped being intimate with my mother in any way. Loss of erections was such a blow to his ego that he wouldn't touch her at all - though he could obviously have given her pleasure in other ways. It led to their divorce. So I agree that this is very important! He's a nice guy - losing him as a stepdad was indeed a loss, especially over something that can be dealt with.


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