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In Algebra, we get the formula of:

A + B = C

Last night, I was speaking with a friend. Maybe I was tired; maybe I was on a “weed high” (although I don’t smoke or inhale, LOL), where my brain was just thinking deeply on different subjects.

So let me see if I can get u to understand where I’m coming from.

If C equals “Relationship Maturity” what is A and B?

And if you figured out what A and B was, could you apply this formula to not only the people you want to date, but yourself as well?

I’m still trying to figure out the A and B, LOL.

I think there should be some kind of valid formula to understand human nature or human characteristics. It’s just stupid to keep making the same durn mistakes over and over again in a relationship. If there were a formula, you wouldn’t have to keep guessing… Is this the one? Should I take that step out on faith with him or her? Can I trust them enough not to disrespect me and break my heart?

I mean that’s so scary. I’m not afraid to admit it and say, I’m terrified like a mo’fo when it comes to being with a guy. As a Virgo, or it might just be my nature, I have to know what’s going to happen. This could be my writer’s brain doing because we’re so in control of a story, but we have no control over life.

But we shouldn’t be and I know this is bad, but damn! It just really pisses me off when I take that leap of faith and give him my heart and in the end I’m feeling like a tissue on the bottom of his shoe!

That is why I think we need a formula.

Of course this bugged me all night and I figured this out: (I warn that any of you who have forgotten Algebra, please pick up a book so you can follow along)

My formula of A + B = C would be:

IQ (EQ x Common Sense) + Patience (Humor x Thoughtfulness) = Relationship Maturity

How about that? And I think it can also apply to me as well, right? LOL.
What’s your formula?

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