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Six Month Sex Challenge: Week #19—Finding my G-spot: is it possible during the 15 to 20 minutes allocated to sex? Nope.

Lesson I learned from last week: During the first year after baby, it’s inevitable the amount of sexual frequency will decline. It’s better to discuss it beforehand rather than deal with the “We’re not having enough sex” mess afterwards.

Eden suggested I try two of their products
(1) Tango III (* see product description below)
(2) Earthly Delights Gift Tin

The G-spot
I’ve done countless interviews and written extensively about it. Every single time I’ve given a seminar someone will inevitably raise their hand and ask about it. For the life of me, I can’t figure why people are so fixated on finding the G-Spot.

Perhaps the fascination is that it is so elusive. That in our instant gratification society it’s not something that can be found instantaneously. That even though I have met hundreds (maybe thousands) of women who report having a g-spot orgasm, scientists are still debating whether it really exists.

So for the record…once again…here’s the condensed low down about the G-spot. Not all women can have a G-spot orgasm; this is due to your biology not whether you are amazing in bed.

If you go looking for the G-spot, chances are you’ll never find it. Huh? If you’re the couple who says to each other over dinner, “Tonight we are going to find the G-spot!” March into the bedroom and take a look around, chances are with the pressure and tension you won’t find it.

While it’s true that you need to understand how your body works and the sensations that go along with having a G-spot orgasm before it can happen, every woman I’ve spoken to who’s found her G-spot found it by accident. Huh? That is to say, she was so juiced up and into the sex that her body was able to naturally (and organically) release into that pleasure.

Do G-spot vibrators like the Tango III really work?
A cautionary yes. Do your best to find your G-spot with fingers or intercourse positions (fun!); it will take a little longer to figure out but ultimately you will have better control over your G-spot orgasm.

Vibrators brings blood to the surface which makes that area more sensitive. So if you find your g-spot using a G-spot vibrator, your body will be used to the intense feelings and it will be more difficult to achieve the same results with fingers, penis or dildo.

Using a vibrator is a last resort; or something to speed along the process once you’ve figured it all out.

My thoughts on the Tango III
Fun Factory is a really (really!) lovely product line. The Tango III is everything good that a quality sex toy can be and something that will be in a toy chest for years.

Did the Tango III help me find my G-spot? Well, given that my sex life is a rushed “quick the kids are sleeping” 15 to 20 minutes, as well I’m still breast feeding which makes intercourse (for me) uncomfortable. No, not even close. However, this little beauty will be waiting in the wings for when intercourse is back to normal.

My husbands thoughts on the Tango III
He gives it an 8/10. Feel it is a very well engineered and thought out toy: turbo charged option (yowzers!), light where the controls are to help you see, sleek style. He would have preferred to use it for what the way it’s intended…c’est la vie.

* Tango III
The Tango is a sleek, modern looking dual stimulator made with a plush, forgiving silicone that molds to the shape of your body and is incredibly easy to manipulate. It's thick but not huge, very user friendly, great for nearly all anatomies.

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