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It's during the challenging part of our relationship that our will, want and desire to stay emotionally connected is put to the test.

Some of us want to go into a cave or shut down emotionally. Not to say zoning out in front of the TV or Facebook isn't warranted, yet our partnership still needs TLC.

Here's the easiest solution. Kiss. In fact, make it a ten second kiss.

Joy Davidson, PhD believes kissing is a sensual meditation and that it, “It stops the buzz in your mind, it quells anxiety, and it heightens the experience of being present in the moment. It actually produces a lot of the physiological changes that meditation produces.

You may not feel like kissing. But you know what? Sometimes we need to do things we don't feel like. And you will never regret being nice to your partner.

So when things are getting hectic and you’re getting stressed say, “Ten second kiss.”

Everything in the moment gets dropped and you and your partner kiss for, well, ten seconds. (This is not a good time to count, "One Mississippi, two Mississippi..." As best you can concentrate on what you're doing!)

It’s an easy way to create a couple connection.

More importantly, it will relieve stress and help shift your perspective to seeing each other in a fun and loving way.

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Comment by Steven Manus on April 23, 2012 at 10:53am

I'm all for couples spending quality time together, but this one strikes me as a bit off the mark.  I went to the link, and I see a whole list of activities that should follow the 10 second kiss.  It reads, to me, like the sort of thing women talk about with one another, which is not my business.  But, I think you'd be hard pressed to find many men who would be willing to engage along these lines. I'm a big fan of focusing on things that offer lasting connection, and real depth. There's a wonderful saying - "Work with things as they are, not as you want them to be".   Here's a suggestion.


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