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The key is embracing a relationship enrichment lifestyle… (Video)

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast in your life? Do you feel like your world got turned upside down and you don’t know what’s up or down? Do you feel exhausted and completely unmotivated? Do you feel like are banging around without purpose and alone? Do you feel disconnected from your partner and like you are both just floating around?

You are not alone. Imagine a gigantic hand grabbed the world this past year and shook it and shook it. Everything is rattled and out of place. We are just now beginning to get up and look around to see where everything landed… We are disoriented and shaken up… We might have a blurry vision, a ringing in our ears, a cloudy head, an upset stomach, shortness of breath, and some aches and pains… (metaphorically, and possibly quite literal as well…) We haven’t fully righted ourselves yet…

We have barely started to enter the aftermath of this unprecedented global phenomenon. We want to be done with it already, but there is no sense in rushing what is… There is good stuff here for us to take away, and I’m not sure the full message has been received yet… Hence, the continuation of this challenge…

Our job in all this is to figure out what it means for our own personal Human Experience and what we are to do with it…

What are the challenges that you are experiencing and what do they mean for you in the context of your Life…? See if you can step back from the everyday practical impact, and recognize what else is being spotlighted for you…

Let’s look at: What is our growth place? What do we need to heal? What do we need to integrate? How do we need to stretch? What do we need to learn? How do we need to grow, develop and evolve?

You might be throwing your hands up in the air right about now in frustration because you think you have no clue.

Or worse yet, you are suffering but are still rejecting all notions about personal development as the answer and are experiencing resistance… But I implore you to open your mind, ever so slightly, soothe that ego, and see if there isn’t the remote chance that this is the way out…

Look at what gets you. What repeating triggers, annoyances and patterns do you experience in your life? What is the usual and common feeling that you contend with day in and day out? What is the story you kept telling yourself is the issue in your life? Where do you feel stuck? Where do you want to be that you haven’t been able to get to yet? Do you even know where you want to be?

SO, I direct you to embracing a Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle™ to assist you with all this…

What is a Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle™ and how can it help?

The Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle™ is a new approach to our life… Where the answer is living consciously, intentionally, with an open heart, and in connection… These are core tenets of the Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle™ protocol…


The Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle™

The Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle™ is comprised of three parts:

I – The Joint Vision

II – The 5 Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™ [a.k.a., The Strategy]

1- Context & Mindset

2- Communication & Alignment

3- Clarity & Dynamics

4- Connection & Intimacy

5- Collaboration & Partnership

III – Living your Intentional Ideal Day


Watch the Video to learn more and complete the Assignment below!


ASSIGNMENT: Make a commitment to embrace a Relationship Enrichment Lifestyle™:

I – The Joint Vision - Design Your Joint Vision: Envision your own and have your partner do the same (think what you want in each area of life, what you’d like your life to be in 1, 5, 10, 25 years from now). Share your visions with each other, iron out any discrepancies, and integrate new pieces to create your Joint Vision… This is what you are working towards…

II – The 5 Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™ - Work The Strategy: Focusing on The Strategy Element that needs the most attention, make sure are intentional about your mindset, communication, self-regulation and reprogramming, connection and collaboration on a daily basis…

III – Living Your Intentional Ideal Day - Live with Gusto and Intention: Design your Ideal Day using TimeMapping and TimeChunking for more focus, efficiency and flow… Add in your repeating behaviors, your tactics and habits, to help you achieve your goals… Make sure you use Intentional Habits, Wellness, Connection & Success Habits.


As with anything, when you bring consciousness, focus and attention to something, Awesomeness happens. I wish this for you in your life and your relationship.

Wishing you much joy, connection and love today and always…

With Much Love & Light!


PS1 – This month’s Themed Webinar is on April 26th, at 5 pm ET:

Mothering for Relationship Success

A Grounding, Caring & Nurturing Approach to Uplevel Your Relationship

After the novelty wears off in a relationship, partners have a tendency to go back to business as usual. They go back to the business of doing their life where the relationship and their partner no longer are the primary focus.

In this webinar, we’ll cover Mothering ourselves and our partner. When we employ Mothering, we increase acceptance, belonging, connection, and love in our relationship. Crucial ingredients for a successful relationship.

Increase Self-Love

It is challenging to give and receive love when our own self-love is lacking… Learn how to better connect with yourself and grace yourself with gentleness, acceptance, and compassion.

Improve Self-Care

Too often we claim we don’t have time for self-care, or self-care is the first thing to go when things get hectic. Learn how to implement a rich and sustainable self-care practice.

Embrace Partner-Care

Our relationship and our partner usually don’t even make it to our priority list... Learn how to easily prioritize your partner and implement a partner-care practice and a nurturing approach.

Start creating your Radiant & Successful Relationship!

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PS2 – As always, we are here for you! If you need more support creating your successful relationship and meaningful life, we are here to help. I’d be honored to speak with you about how we can help you. Schedule a Get Acquainted Call to connect, discuss how we can help you and how to get started. Look forward to Connecting with you!


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