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The most difficult period in the life of the newlyweds is the first year of their life together. During this period, young people get used to each other for a long time, learn habits, often scandal over trifles, learn the difficulties of everyday problems. It is very difficult to go this way, but it is quite possible, the main thing is to find common ground so that you do not disagree with the notation "they did not meet with the characters".

The first thing that scares the newlyweds during this period is that the emotions become less bright, passion falls and the head starts to torment the doubts "is it, my man?". It is impossible to avoid such thoughts, they appear in the life of absolutely in every family. "The annual crisis" is very difficult to survive, as this is a particularly dangerous period in the formation of characters in the family. The system of relations is so fragile that it is easy to destroy everything in a moment.

The fog of fantasies and reflections about a beautiful family eventually collapses, because young people can not take everything into account at once, and even more so with ease to make concessions to each other.

During this period, all the laws of the family idyll are being formed, over which it is worthwhile to work hard, in order to live after them for many years.

The formation of a new family is a complex process.Family life is a book that people have known for years and decades. Solve conflicts need to remember the feelings that were built for years because it's easy to destroy and to learn and perfect to the ideal is the destiny of strong and passionate couples!

If you need any advice from a married man, just sent me a message. My name is Robert me and my wife live together 5 years and 1 year ago got married. I work as an essay writer and as a blogger. My wife works as a secretary in the insurance company. 

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