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I guess I was lucky because I base every kiss that I get from a guy from the first kiss I ever got.

His name was Leroy and I thought he was just so cute, but he never paid any attention to me. I was twelve and he used to come over my best friend’s next-door neighbors house every once in a while during the summer. For two summers I waited for him to pay attention to me.

I’m a lioness. I do the hunting without them knowing their being hunted. I made sure he saw my new womanly curves, my newly developed breast and the thickness of my legs.

Leroy was this abnormally tall fourteen years old, who had this thick luscious lips, wide nose and naturally curly hair. Dark skinned brother who was just smelling himself as well.

I found out that Leroy was moving out the city and would probably never come back. I didn’t know what to do. Just go over there and take the kiss I wanted or just let him go without ever knowing the sweet taste of those luscious lips.

A week later, my best friend was having a birthday party and I wore this plaid shirt and shorts with some blue jean typed sandals. I remember it was one of those humid summer nights Detroit is famous for when there’s no breeze and everyone’s just hot. The party was great. I remember it amazingly and I was getting ready to leave after I had helped my best friend and her mother clean up the basement.

Leroy was in the other yard and his friends had all left from saying goodbye to him. My best friend mother was real nice and told me to take a plate of cake over to Leroy and then head home. I nervously took the plate over to him and he was pretty thankful. Trying to make conversation and hide the fact that I was upset because I’d never see him again, I made off handed conversation.

Even at twelve I knew what I want and I find that amazing.

He talked with me even though he’d always told my friends and me, we weren’t but little girls. He was two years older and I’d often saw him chasing those “older” girls around while we would sit on the porch and talk real bad about him and his friends.

Suddenly, he stood up and told me to wait while he went in the house and put the food up. When he came back out with a fresh shirt, he offered to walk me home. I was reeling from this. Just the thought of him asking was almost better than the kiss.

We walked to the end of the block and it was getting dusk and when we got to my house, we stood there and talked some more. Don’t’ really remember what he was speaking about. I was just watching those lips and wondering how they’d feel.

Somehow I got him to go into the back yard with me to look at something and just as we were leaving out the backyard, he grabbed my arm gently and pulled me into a kiss.

I think I just burst as our lips touched and his tongue slipped in my mouth. As innocent as I was, I was shocked with what to do, so I emulated his moves and boy did I get a reaction out of him and my own body. His arms tightened around my lean waist and his body molded against mine.

The only reason that kiss was broken was because something moved in the backyard.

I told him I'd better go inside cause good judgement was telling me I'd better get out of there if I wasn't planning on doing some more. That look in his eyes was just to beautiful.

I never saw Leroy again after that, but I just wanted to let him know that i thank him for giving me a good foundation

I hear horror stories of first kisses. They were sloppy, he didn’t give enough tongue, his breath stank, it was too quick…. I have no complaints.

Fourteen-year-old Leroy kissed me like a real man should. With complete passionate abandonment that made me feel like it was the best thing since slice bread.

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