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Survey: Over 50% of Husbands Say they Shop for Groceries More than Wife

Oh how times have changed. In a survey of over 2,000 men between 18-49 years of age, 54% of husbands said they shop for groceries and household supplies more often than their spouses. This was part of Defy Media’s second annual Acumen Report: Brand New Man. According to this write-up in MarketingDaily, 65% of respondents said they now hold primary shopping responsibility for several household product categories, with 67% saying they enjoy shopping for the household, and close to 63% open to choosing new brands. Now, we're not sure if this means men are fickle brand loyalists or not, but 57% said they would stop buying from a company that did something offensive or illegal. We suppose it depends on what the allegations were. So how do companies reach this new modern man? According to the survey, 40% of men said they became aware of a new brand from advertising; about 24% from a YouTube video, and about 28% from social media. One final stat to leave you with that shows how the role of men in our culture is changing, 70% said they are willing to sacrifice career advancement for more time with family.

We suppose this is somewhat redeeming considering this post from last week

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