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Should You Treat Your Marriage Like a Business?

BusinessWeek just ran a column discussing this very topic, which offered some interesting things to think about and some new marriage stats. For example, it says:
Every business owner or entrepreneur knows that retaining customers is more profitable than continually having to attract new ones. The best way to do that is to deliver value through great products backed with world-class service. When it comes to marriage and family, you are the product. At some point in your relationship, your significant other thought you were the best product in a crowded market. You probably still are, but the health of this relationship depends entirely on the service you deliver.

Interesting stuff. The article then goes on to offer and expand upon the following five tips: know your customer, earn their business every day, don't make excuses, plan for win-win success, and mix business with pleasure. Some of the lessons include evolving and staying current with what your "customer" wants and "customers" don't like excuses when you make a mistake.

This column is a great reminder of how we often put more time, thought and energy into our carriers and hobbies. It's important that we put that same effort into our marriages. Read the whole article here.

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