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Sexual Performance for Post-Prostate Cancer Patients Varies

A new study that appeared in the American Medical Association from researchers out of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston found that the chances of losing sexual function after prostate cancer treatment varied widely. Some of factors that could help determine where a man would fall on the spectrum were weight, race, age and sexual potency before the treatment. According to this article from USA Today, older men whose sexual function is already low have the worst chances of good sexual function after treatment. The researchers studied 1,027 prostate cancer patients ages 38 to 84. Depending on the type of treatment the men had (surgery, standard radiation or radioactive seeds) the researchers could predict with 77 percent accuracy post-treatment potency for men who had surgery and 90 percent accuracy of men who had radiation. Here's more from the article:

For surgery, the prospects for maintaining top sexual function for a 50-year-old man could range from 21 percent to 70 percent, depending on his PSA level and whether a nerve-sparing technique was used.


For standard radiation, the study found, the odds for a man keeping top sexual function ranged from 53 percent to 92 percent depending on PSA level and whether hormones were used along with radiation. The researchers couldn't find an age-related difference for standard radiation.

For radiation pellets, a 60-year-old man's chances of keeping top sexual function ranged from 58 percent to 98 percent depending on race and body mass index. African-Americans and trimmer men had better chances. 


For more on the variations and information about this study, be sure read the entire article here.


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