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Neural Pathways to Love
By []Melanie Kira Clark and Anthony Clark

New imaging techniques have enabled researchers to precisely map functioning of different parts of the brain, down to the millimeter. What has been discovered is that new neural pathways are being forged in the brain throughout our entire lives, depending on how we use our mind. Wherever we focus our attention is where new neural connections will be made. This is exciting news when it comes to relationships, because we now know that we can create new neural pathways that make us more successful in our relationship. You can literally tell your brain that you are happy, fulfilled, and in love.

When you start to apply some repetitive focused techniques, you can actually create new pathways to replace old ones that left you feeling unfulfilled in your love life. By using positive focus and some form of consistent action you can program your brain to focus only on the positive aspects of your relationship - therefore creating new neural pathways to support this new belief. This will activate the Law of Attraction to bring more of those things into your experience once those neural nets or neural pathways are formed.

It's like taking an old dirt road to reach your destination for years and years, then suddenly there is a new freeway with a fast lane to get you there in half the time. You can drastically increase the speed in which you reach all of your romantic goals by focusing your attention on what you want on a consistent basis. Researchers have found new neural pathways being created in as little as 30-60 days with focus. This means you can consciously create beliefs about your relationships that did not exist before, through positive focus.

Although we have the ability to create our own reality with our thoughts the tendency of most people is to continue to revisit the same old negative thoughts day in and day out. These thoughts have strong neural pathways that are on auto pilot when it comes to relationships. Negative relationship beliefs will always yield the same outcome. This type of habitual thinking sabotages relationships and goes unnoticed for years. Once you are aware that you can create new neural pathways with your thoughts you can change this outcome over time.

Our brains have amazing capabilities and the general population is just now being exposed to our true potential. We are creators and have so much more control over our life experience than we once believed. Instead of just settling for a decrease in satisfaction with your partner over time, you can now create new pathways in your brain to increase your fulfillment over time. Our brains and physiology are directly connected to the Universe and its natural laws.

Creating new love and relationship neural pathways can be accomplished through meditation, positive affirmations, and consistent focus.

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