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my husbands behavior! someone please help

everytime we go some where he act like he so in charge of everything he makes me do this he makes me do that or if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be where i am .he helped me out he got me from stop stressing out things like that are when we are in public its mf this damn that are he is talking about someone are he makes a remark this embrassing i tell him dont do that or he gets around his family acting like he controls are something and i dont like but when we get home its i'm sorry but his brothers tell him dont do that and he talks to much and he gets mad but dont say much but he say he sorry i tell him dont do that but no matter what he does his sister and niece they just sit there and look ,and everytime they have a problem with there man ,they be wanting him to speak up for them i told him that is not his place and i'm not going to stand for it ,but when i get on him about it he gets upset and he say he dont tell people about our marriage he is lieing and i know he will lie ,and he always bring up something about the past i never bring up nothing to him about anything in the past but he say i do . when we talk he say i cant her him but then when i get loud for him to hear me then he say why am i fussing at him i told him his relationship in the past maded him a battered man .i think he likes when someone is fussing at him but i dont have the time . this stuff is really getting on my nerves sometimes i be glad when he is gone away from home for awhile to get me some peace cause dealing with to teenages thats like him dont like to clean up unless told .he just done got nasty i hate when he cook,(glad he helps on that cuz i work at night and i be tired ) but he dont clean up he leaves a mess and dont clean the tub when he finish taken a bath .kids the same way . i love my step-son but i dont think i can deal with another child in the house and i dont want to live in a NASTY house .if the kinds have not clean ther room feed the dogs or clean there bath room i have to hear it he is fussing about it or if there in the bed on the weekend or if something runs out and he wasnt told he is fussing . GOD help me .i love him my life financial was very good ,my beds where paid ,car paid, i was happy but he was missing out of my life so i let him back in after 8th years thinking it will be okay but ! i dont know i really dont know .our history is going on 19 yrs. but god this personality he cares on now huh i dont know .god help me

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Comment by michelle on April 25, 2010 at 8:24am
i mean my bills were paid before we got back together


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