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Moderate Drinking for Middle-Aged Women Linked to Healthier Old Age

Talk about your perfect weekend news report. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health studied the medical records of 13,894 nurses who were middle-aged in the 1980s (median age was 58) and lived to be at least 70 and found (after narrowing the list down to exclude outlying circumstances such as smoking or diabetes) that moderate drinkers were roughly 20 percent more likely to be healthy later in life. The lead researcher, however, doesn't recommend taking up drinking if you're currently healthy and don't already consume alcohol. This good news does not apply to heavy drinkers. Those who saw health benefits were those who drank about one drink a day (15 grams of alcohol, 62%); drank one to two drinks daily (nearly 10 percent), and two to three drinks a day (3 percent). Moreover, drinking light to moderate amounts of alcohol regularly appeared to have more benefit than drinking only occasionally, the researchers said. Most of the alcohol consumed by these women was wine, according to the researchers. Again, these results were for women who were otherwise healthy with no other complications. So enjoy your weekend and cheers!!

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