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It’s important when contemplating a man’s erogenous zones, to think outside the “penis box”.

Yes, of course, men want to experience maximum penis-love, however, when you branch out to other parts of his body it gives both of you the opportunity to experience a sense of erotica. Erotica being the holy grail of sizzling sex.

Erogenous zones you probably already know:
His Penis: The 1/3—2/3 rule.
The first third (or head/ glans) of a man’s penis has the maximum amount of nerve endings—especially in the “upside down V”. The second 2/3 (or base) doesn’t have many nerve endings, i.e. men can feel pressure but they don’t have a heightened sense of pleasure like with the penis’ head.

It’s important to change up any type of manual or oral sex so the focus is not always on the head of the penis.

His Perineum—aka “The Sweet Spot”
The perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus. When you firmly (but gently) press up and massage, you are massaging his prostate gland which is his “G-Spot” or “A-Spot”. It’s an easy and pleasurable way to get him off without having to do butt play.

His Anus

Some men feel squeamish when you start fiddling around his anus; they do not want to be branding as a homosexual. However, if they are eased into slowly, I can almost guarantee it will become one of his favorite ways to get off. If you can do it while he’s having an orgasm, it’s a blow-his-head-off type of feeling.

His Prostate
It’s men’s dirty little secret: they love up the butt play. Why? It’s stimulating his prostate gland which will help him experience more intense orgasms. Remember with anything butt related the rule is: start small, go slow and use tons of lubricant.

His Scrotum
Some men L-O-V-E having their scrotum tugged, sucked, licked, tea-bagged, etc.; others do not. It’s important to clarify with your lover what they like before you go exploring.

Erogenous zones you might not have thought of:
His Lips
Lips have an incredible amount of nerve endings—that’s why it feels so nice to kiss someone. There’s nothing like long kissing session (like when we were teenagers) to take sexual arousal through the roof.

His Neck & Ears and Scalp
Tremendous amount of nerves in these three areas.

His Chest/ Nipples
Generally, mens’ nipples are just as sensitive as women’s nipples. It will probably drive him crazy when you use the techniques you like on your own nipples.

His Inner Thighs
While giving oral sex or riding on top, massaging/ lightly slapping/ nibbling the inner thighs are an easy way to heighten his pleasure.

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