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Men Married to Smart Women Live Longer

We've all heard that on average men die younger than women. If you're a guy and that scares you, the education level of your wife may give your life expectancy a boost. A study on 1.5 million people from experts at Stockholm University (click here), examined data from the 1990 Swedish Census of the employed and found that a woman's level of education was more important than a man's when it came to the chance of him living a long life. The authors of the study believe the reason for this is because better educated women may be more aware of healthy diets and medical treatments, thereby influencing their partner's lifespan. Interestingly, the study also found that while women's education was an important factor in the longevity of a couple, it was the man's income and not education that was more important, influencing the death rates for both sexes. Again, the authors believe this connection exists because the man's income, in general, has a greater influence on a couple's lifestyle. It's interesting because both of these data points and outcomes play on the assumptions that the husband is primarily the breadwinner and the wife is the homemaker. It would be interesting to see how this data shakes out in comparison to the U.S. Census in 2000 and 2010. What are your thoughts?

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