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Local Couples Group Supports Marriages

Local Couples Group Supports Marriages
The initial thought to write a relationship book came to our couples during our annual couples retreat. Imagine four couples settling down to a quiet dinner at our favorite bed and breakfast when a lively discussion develops from recent conversations we have recently had with friends and co-workers asking how they could receive the same monthly marital support that our group has benefitted from the past 14 years. A mere five years later, our first relationship book, Preventative Maintenance for Your Marriage: The Owner’s Manual for a Couples Group, is now available for couples who choose to actively “work” on their marriage rather than watch it slowly dissolve from neglect and lack of nourishment.
Current marriage education research confirms that healthy, stable, loving relationships need a minimum of 20 minutes a day of “conscious” connection time for couples not only to survive, but to thrive! The couples in our group soon realized that the daily struggle to balance family life with work demands rarely left enough time for couple re-connection, even on a “good” day! Our solution to this time crunch is to schedule three hours of uninterrupted adult time to apply some preventative maintenance to our marriage. When was the last time you and your spouse consciously worked on your communication skills, appreciated and acknowledged each other, appropriately expressed your marital concerns and hopes for the future, or willingly completed the assignment to go on a “mystery date”? Thankfully our couples group has provided us with the opportunity to do these activities (and more) throughout the year!
The diverse backgrounds of our members (business owners, teachers, information technology specialist, social worker, stay at home mom, and a life coach) have enabled our group to form strong friendships with other compatible pro-marriage couples. And our unwavering commitment to living in healthy marriages has increased our relationship skills as we navigate through the numerous challenges we have faced together through 68 collective years of marriage.
This easy-to-read relationship book provides tips on getting your group started, troubleshooting suggestions, six months of tried and true couples’ activities, and references to other valuable relationship resources. Another benefit is its low cost. Where else can you receive marriage enrichment month after month with the only cost being your time and desire to strengthen your marriage? We like to think of our couples group as affordable “marriage insurance”. Couples who would like more information about forming a couples group in their neighborhood may contact Jerilyn and Greg Thiel at:,, or at:

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