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Fun is important in our relationship. Having fun releases different chemicals in the brain that engender good feelings which get then associated with our partner. This is a good thing. Having fun with our partner should be a priority in our relationship. We can get huge returns on this investment!

It is difficult at times to remember to have fun a sad state of affairs but very common.Couples get stuck in their routines and getting through their days managing their responsibilities as best they can that they consume all their energy and resources leaving little for the couple itself. 

Top on most people’s list is having a great relationship. People are consumed with thoughts of how is it going  and what else they’d like from it. It is a wonder they are not Minding their relationship 24/7 and having a blast. A lot of people think they are working on their relationship and can’t understand why it is not more satisfying. The problem is, as I’ve written before, that they are putting in the wrong efforts. They are misusing even more resources and energy leaving the couple in a dire state and the partners hopeless and frustrated.

But couples are resilient and partners stick it out for a while before calling it quits. It is during this time, when partners are sticking it out, that it is paramount to refocus and re-channel the efforts made to connect with our partner, enliven the relationship, get our needs met and create the relationship and life we want.

One of the ingredients for accomplishing this is having fun with our partner. There are different kinds of fun to be had: being playful and getting physical, creating and working on projects, going on outings and trips, sharing dreams and goals and working together on accomplishing them, learning new skills together, and identifying different ways to play.

Integrating fun into our relating promotes good feelings, receptiveness and cooperation creating an ally and a teammate of our partner! With an ally we can win any game we set ourselves out to play!!

Happy Playing!!!

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