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There are some moments in life when each and every one of us is feeling unprepared. This usually happens when important moments occur. One of these moments is your wedding. Many say that, alongside the birth of your child, the wedding is the most important moment of every person’s life.

A very important part of this event is the moment you and your husband read your vows. Here are a few tips you should take into consideration when writing your vows.

Inform Yourself About Do's and Don’ts

This is the first step you need to undertake when writing your vows. It is of utmost importance that you ask your officiant about the rules you should obey. Every religion, whether you are Catholic, Jewish or Orthodox, has its own regulations.

Before starting to write down your vows you should get informed about these rules. Many officiants will want to review your vows before your wedding, you should finish them in time.

Structure Your Composition

Depending on the way you do your vows, in a collaborative way or separately, you should come up with a logical structure. Also, you should keep in mind the fact that it shouldn’t make your listeners fall asleep. Keep it short!

You might have 3 main ideas you want to highlight, she might have 4. If you write them together, you should arrange all ideas according to what your other half’s ideas. If you do them separately, you don’t have so many constraints, thus you can structure your composition the way you want.

Research Your Ideas

Remember, your vow should be something deep, but it should also have a dash of humor. Those three ideas you want to express might’ve been written in a funny way by another person before you. Take it as an example and adapt it to your situation. You don’t write vows on a daily basis, so Julie Petersen, the founder of the writing blog advises to look for some examples before writing your own composition. That’s why you should look for inspiration and adapt others’ ideas to your context.

Finish It Sooner Than Expected

The less time you have, the more pressure you will feel. You don’t want to write your vow when you are stressed. Don’t compose it the day before your wedding because its quality will be dreadful. Apart from this, like we said before, your officiant might want to review your vow before you read it out loud, during your ceremony. You should give yourself plenty of time to edit it after the review is done. This is one of the most important events in your life. You need to spend plenty of time if you want to make it memorable.

Keep It Funny and Short

Your vow is almost done, but you ended up with a composition that will make even the most energetic guest fall asleep. You should make it short and add a dash of humor if you want to have a vow that will be remembered.

Practice Your Speech

Even though you might not memorize your composition and you’ll want to read it, you should do be able to look into your partner’s eyes when reciting the words. That’s why you need to practice your speech and memorize the main ideas. Also, you should read your vow out loud and edit the bits you consider very intricate.


The wedding is one of the most important events in every man’s life. You should consider giving it plenty of time, if you want to have a memorable event. The time you read your vow is one of the moments. During those moments all your guests are paying attention to you. By keeping in mind these tips you should be able to create a vow that will inspire them and will set up the guidelines of your marriage.

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