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How long does good sex really last?

When a couple is first together, they have enough dopamine and the body’s own amphetamine-like hormones that they are sufficiently aroused in a nanosecond. So sex can last for three minutes and be mind blowing.

Generally though, after two years, it takes a woman a minimum fifteen minutes for her body to become sufficiently aroused. That is if she doesn’t have a million and one things going on in her head—her amygdale will disable her body from becoming fully aroused until she is able to check off everything on her to-do list. So for run of the mill, garden variety sex, at least twenty to thirty minutes. (The average couple’s sex lasts for ten to fifteen minutes meaning that the average gal is not sufficiently aroused when intercourse starts.)

HOWEVER, when a couple is in the zone and can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off, great sex can be hard and fast up against the wall.

My answer to you is: generally a minimum 20 minutes but sometimes it will take longer or sometimes be a quickie. It’s really where a couple is their head and relationship.

Why do we think it has to take hours—and does this affect the amount of sex we have?

Because every sex expert preaches, “foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.” People automatically think great sex needs to includes, baths, massages, candles, etc. And it certainly doesn’t hurt, but planning and executing takes a lot of time.

Therefore, the best foreplay is keeping intimacy alive outside the bedroom so you don’t have to go to all the work to get reconnected inside the bedroom.

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Comment by Kasi on November 17, 2008 at 6:19pm
I agree with that last, about intimacy outside the bedroom!!


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