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People continue to ask us why we work so hard on We fully believe all married* people want to be in a relationship of Caffection, so we promote resources to make that happen. There's a plethora of positive websites, books, blogs, articles and other information out there to help you affirm your relationship. Books, such as Emotional Fitness for Intimacy and Essential Manners for Couples both give great tips for tuning into your mate. There are sites such as Wordle where you can create fun word pictures using your own pet names for each other or any words you want.

It's our vision for Caffection to be a social network for couples, who not only want to strengthen their relationships, they embrace the idea of supporting and mentoring others as well. We intend to allow people to share their stories, their photos, their videos to demonstrate how exciting a vibrant, healthy relationship can be.
We BELIEVE great relationships are worth celebrating! We'd like you to join us and pass this on to every caffected couple you know.
Together we'll send this positive message out to the world "We're CAFFECTED and we love it!"

*Our definition of Marriage = A Home of Caffection. Many of you can relate to that. What does this "home" look like? Positive people bringing out the best in each other. Two committed adults who are kind, sensitive and considerate of each others' needs. Folks who know they ARE married to the one who will be there through thick & thin, sickness & sorrow, to share health & happiness with. It's very cool and it's forever. There's no substitute for a relationship of Caffection and There's No Place Like Home. A Home of Caffection, words that means safety, security, warmth. For us, when we hear the word home, we think of each other.

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