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…it’s fun!

I know I’ve been quiet on the home front at LABW. Well there’s no excuse and you have my permission to tap me for that.

At first it was work, work…Next came Twitter… Lawd, I think my life shut down while I adjusted to that whirlwind of an addiction. Bout the same time, the beau was taking up my time offline while Twitter viciously kept me locked and stupid online. LOL.

My editor for Tanner’s Devil sent back the edits and it was almost a rewrite in my opinion so I’ve been consumed with that.

I decided after last night it was time to get on and give you an update.

Okay, so if you haven’t caught up since the BM catastrophe and then the 7 days to break up, you probably had it in your mind that I was not dating any more.

I had my reasons and I thought I was really going to never ever do this, but the beau… well, you’ll have to see him to believe him and then there’s history between us. 8 years. I had put him in the untouchable category.

I mean there are people of the opposite sex in your life that you really have to draw a line at. You have to say they are going to be in this category and no matter you aren’t going to cross that.

He was over that line especially when I found out that he got married, but then he got divorced. Okay, enough personal info.

Now that he’s free and I’m free, and he was so persistent… When a man that fine doesn’t know how to give up in trying to get you to go out with him, well… it’s hard to resist your hard core resolve, even for a hood chick like me. LOL.

Last night the new beau and I went out to a movie.

We both have family obligations so we knew in advance they'd be a small window of opportunity to see each other. He has a rotating schedule and y’all know me I’m just plain busy with all the other stuff other than family obligation.

We wanted to make the best of it and go to a movie which we hadn’t done in a long while. (That’s something we have in common is going to the movies. And I don’t have to pay with this one. Yeah Longer story there).

We saw GI Joe. It was pretty action packed; definite man movie with a side of cuteness to keep the woman in the seats. As

we left the theatre we both realize our date was too short.

We've been practicing restraint, but we hadn't seen each other in such a while. (His rotating days and my schedule are so ill matched – like water and oil)

Still our responsibilities to our children come first. He drove me. As we were driving and talking I realized we weren’t driving anywhere near my home. We pulled up in his high school alma mater and parked.

All the while he was telling me how he was shy in high school and didn’t date any girls at the time. But he'd always wanted to make out in the parking lot.

It was a dream come true and damn fun. If you've read prior entries of How To Love A Black Woman you know I'm a fan of long foreplay.

Very long foreplay and I must compliment the new beau because he must have read this blog and didn't tell me.

Tingling at the thought of that one.

I felt like a teenager because we didn’t go all the way. My lips were sore, my need was great and I was hornier than a nypho in a room full of 30 naked men at a special attention party. (Don’t ask.)

I don’t think there are any rules as to what kind of fantasies to fill while dating and there are no rules to fantasy fulfillment while married, but I do recommend doing so.

Keep it simple and in the beginning keep it small. If you are the one helping the other fulfill their fantasy, the number one rule is to keep an open mind. If they aren’t going over the rules or boundaries that you’ve set in place then let go and let it flow.

And remember this isn’t a Hollywood movie. It’s not going to go like some kind of fairy tale.

(I did bruise on that middle casing between us as I slid over into his seat and I hit my head on the ceiling. It was tight between the steering column on my butt until he moved the seat back, but in the end it did work out).

Expect bumps in the road, laugh them off, don’t quit and just have fun.

Most importantly… relax!

I'm kind of glad he didn't tell me what was plan because I think I would have over worried about what was to come rather than enjoying and

At the end of the night, when he walked me to the door to steal one more kiss, I was smiling like a little girl who has big crush on the high school hunk. Haven’t felt like that since my first kiss.


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