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Why do you get so frustrated with your customers or clients that you have to exercise major self-control not to say something bitingly sarcastic to them? How do you keep it together when what you really want to do is blow up?

OK, so you're a people-person, you really are, and 90% of the time you love your job, dealing with people all day long, day in day out. But then you get a griper, or a whiner, or a nagger, or some other lower form of personhood, and then you have to smile and somehow take it while this individual unloads their frustration on you over what was supposed to happen and didn't, or what didn't turn out exactly the way they wanted it to, or what was more expensive than they thought it should be – none of which is your fault. You could scream, but you can't. What do you do?

Nip your frustration in the bud by dealing with the whiner-nagger-gripers as problems looking for solutions, not as complainers. Ignore the fact that they're complaining, don't take it personally. Everybody complains when they don't get what they want – even you. Instead, focus all your energy on figuring out precisely what the problem is and how you can either solve it for them yourself, or refer them to the appropriate resource who can solve it for them.

Now you'll be their hero, instead of someone to yell at - and won't that be nice!

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