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Every time I look at a guy while he’s talking his “game” to me. I wonder, “Does he get it?” And if I ask that question all of a sudden, would he even understand what I’m talking about.

I know that as he’s talking he’s probably (one) trying to picture me naked, (two) wondering if I’m as freaky as the books that I write and/or (three) wondering how fast he can get that freak in the nearest bed.

While I’m looking at him talk, I’m wondering (one) does he have good teeth (two) determining is he a one time, couple of months or forever, (three) Does he get it?

For all the guys that don’t understand women, we have a different language than you. In your language while you seem to need long explanations to things but you don’t want to hear us talk, our language has short explanations that mean a lot.

So when I say, Does he get it? I’m saying:

I want to get freaky physically, mentally, and emotionally

I want a sexual relationship with an open mind from him.

I want him to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation

I want him to have a sense of humor and not take everything so damn serious

I want to be able to depend on him in a time of need whether physically, mentally and emotionally.

I want him to be thoughtful with boundless intimacy

I want him to take care of his business and not bring the streets into our home

I want him to know that our house is OUR castle our sanctuary our heaven and that he should not have to run the streets in order to feel at peace.

I want him to be honest caring truthful and kind to me. Even if the truth is going to hurt me, I would rather know it from him than finding it out from somewhere else

I want to be just a lunch, dinner and midnight snack at least once a month with nothing in return for no reason at all.

I want to wake up some mornings and see a nice pink rose on his pillow and a note saying how much he appreciates me in his life.

I want to feel like there is no other woman in his life as wonderful as me

I want to get a chocolate kiss with nuts or caramel for no reason at all three days before Aunt Dottie moves in cause he knows I’m gonna need it real bad at 2am in the morning.

I want to be held all night after lovemaking like a security blanket once in a while cause we just rocked each other’s worlds.

I know we can’t have great mind-blowing se all the time but can you light the candles for once first or draw the nice warm bath or bring me breakfast in bed?

And finally I want you to indulge in creative intimacy. Not just in our bedroom, but secret displays of whispers in the ear in public, caressing my lower back, showing up at my job unannounced taking me to lunch (and more), hugging me real hard in front of ya boyz and putting me on the butt, LOL. Sending me wild flowers to my job to make my other co-workers jealous, putting real flowers in my vase that I keep fake flowers in by the television, sending a card through the mail just because, buying that DVD you know I said I wanted when that preview came on while we were watching another movie. Waking me up early Saturday morning, dragging me out the bed, and then dropping me off at my hairdressers and telling me to get out the car and get my hair done and that you’ve prepaid for everything. Putting however many months we’ve been dating balloons on my doorknob, so I’ll get them when I go out for work in the morning. (do I need to keep going?)

You do that and more and you’ll definitely get it and have me forever.

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