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Do women really hit their sexual peak mid-30s

Is it true that women reach their sexual peak in their 30s?
No, there isn’t a decade when a woman reaches her sexual peak.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey book’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female published in 1953 started this rumor. In the 1940s Kinsey took the sex histories of over 5,000 women and found that the majority hit their sexual stride mid-thirties. As premarital sex was a no-no, by her mid-thirties a woman had been married with a few kids and was therefore less sexually inhibited.

Today, women aren’t in this situation. Most have multiple partners and are more sexually confident. There really isn’t a decade where women peak sexually. Each decade makes for potentially great sex for women.

- Women’s hormones work their best in their twenties, meaning she is at her most fertile.
- Women in their 30s have been around the sexual block a few times and have a better idea what works for them.
- Women in their 40s stop producing as much oxytocin and so it is believed that they aren’t so concerned with nurturing everyone around them (i.e. they start focusing more on their own needs).

Does it mean that you reach your peak in your 30s and then sex is great, or does it mean that you reach your peak and then it actually starts to go down again at some point?

It’s usually toughest for women who have gone through menopause (early 50s and beyond). Their bodies and hormones have gone through a complete change and many must relearn how to have sex. However, couples who do make the effort to change bedroom tactics usually attest to having better sex.

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Comment by Mariah & Byron Edgington on March 7, 2010 at 1:05pm
A fantastic relationship outside the bedroom can have a direct impact on the activity between the sheets (and beyond, who says great sex is limited to the bed?) Empty-nesters may have the time and energy to rekindle their love life, so go for it.


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