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Are You Tired of Nagging?
By []Melanie Kira Clark and Anthony Clark

Most women don't want to nag the man in their life - they just want to get through to him. Women spend a lot of time and energy trying to have the best relationships possible. Men know that women will handle the details of day- to-day life and leave us to do what we do best. If you ask most men in a committed relationship to make a decision, they will most often say, "My wife/girlfriend handles that." Is this because men are incompetent? No, this is because women are great at multitasking and men know it.

Women handle everything because they want things done their way. So men, naturally, give in and give us exactly what we ask for - which is control! But is control what we women really want? I don't think it is. I think that we want to feel as if we are sharing the responsibilities of day-to-day living with our partners. So how do we accomplish this without nagging? Asking nicely usually gets ignored. Doing it ourselves causes resentment and exhaustion. Then what is the alternative? Threatening? Begging? Nagging seems to be the only thing that works or... does it?

Men begin to tune nagging out and stop hearing what women are really saying. This can be disastrous to relationships. Women begin to feel discontent, and men either think that everything is fine, or they become dissatisfied as well. I think nagging is just a last resort to a problem that seems to have no resolution.

If you let each other know exactly what you need on a regular basis, in a non-confrontational way (without nagging) it will help. Once you feel satisfied then you can give up some of the control. First you must accept the fact that you do things differently, and accept each other unconditionally. Next you must let each other know exactly what your needs are without nagging.

You can change your approach. Using the advances of the internet is a non-confrontational way to communicate. First try to find out why your partner is not satisfying your needs. Look at how you are expressing yourself. Make the determination as to whether or not you are using clear, concise, and consistent communication. This does not include nagging.

Use a system of rewards. Let your partner know when they have met your needs and how much it means to you. This positive behavior will re-enforce the desire to meet your needs on a more consistent basis. Nagging will become a thing of the past.

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