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People usually marry for love. A new phenomenon, only a couple of centuries old, in the history of the institution of marriage and in this culture. I say “usually” because sometimes people just get married because that is the thing to do, again speaking from today’s and this culture’s context.

But what people sometimes don’t realize is that in getting married they are entering a deeper partnership. Choosing to be in a long-term relationship / marriage, is one of life’s most important decisions. The influence of this partnership is infinite. This partnership can enhance each individual’s potential exponentially. How does the saying go? “The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.”

In our partnership we learn from our partner, we complement each other, we support each other, we work together, we collaborate, we brainstorm, we dream together, we synergize.

In our partnership we can heal ourselves and we can become whole. This is the “psycho-babble” part of this beautiful concept. The tangible piece is even more engrossing and awesome. In uniting efforts, resources, support, and dreams couples can truly achieve unimaginable riches (whatever “riches” might mean for the couple).

It’s incredible to me to see how partners hurt each other, undermine each other, hold each other back and wreck havoc in their relationship. It is incredible to me to see couples work against each other as opposed to together. They see and treat their partner as the enemy instead of the ally they truly are. They do not capitalize on the synergy inherent of the partnership.

These couples have unhappy and unsatisfying relationships and are stuck in their own personal growth and development. They are not advancing as they could. They are not living the life they want. They have not reached their fullest potential.

I have seen couples achieve the impossible. Couples can not only function as romantic partners but as life partners. How is your couple measuring up in terms of being “life partners”? What does being “life partners” mean to you? Is your definition limited to being together “’til death do as apart”?

Or, is your definition broader and includes ideas such as meeting each other’s needs, learning from each other, becoming whole, resolving repeating arguments, reaching agreements on conflicts, having joint goals and achieving them, having personal goals and achieving them, shooting for the moon, enjoying the journey, leaving a legacy, being excellent role models for your children and others, and anything you think belongs here?

Your relationship can be anything you want it to be and can help you live life to the fullest. It just requires two willing partners. Invite your partner to join you in creating a life long fantastic partnership!

Happy Life Partnering!!

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