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After the honeymoon phase, many couples find it hard to stay emotionally and intimately connected outside the bedroom. When you don't stay connected outside the bedroom, it takes a lot longer to get relax and reconnect inside the bedroom.

If you are, like many, stuck for time, here are some easy to implement, long term habits a busy couple can do to bring the spark back to their relationship:

Three thirty-seconds (or less) a day to create a sexy moment.
(1) Make sure to touch your partner in a non-sexual way every day.
The busier a couple gets the more likely they will is to segment touch to the bedroom. Then when sex is initiated touching becomes sensory overload for her—not to mention that her head is racing ninety miles an hour and her body doesn’t have time to catch up. Touching every day in a non-sexual way is and easy way to help you both keep your intimate connection alive and well. You see, touch raises oxytocin levels (your bonding hormone), helping you to feel closer with your partner.

(2) Make your partner right at least once a day.
It’s a no brainer to say you have to like the person they are having sex with. And yet, after the honeymoon stage is over, both men and women start to pick, pick, pick at each other’s “flaws” making the partner more wrong than they do right. By reminding yourself at least once a day that you’ve made a good choice in partners will segue nicely to the bedroom.

(3) Kiss each other on the lips.
Kissing is one of the first things to get tossed in a long term relationship. A lot of times it has to do with a lack of oral hygiene (that’s a fancy way of saying bad breath). Don’t let this happen to you. Every day, make a point to kiss each other on the lips. You never know, the oxytocin spike might just be the needed spark to get you two in the lovemaking mood.

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