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Parents caught in the sex act: Interview on breakfast TV

As always, very fun interview on Breakfast TV Calgary (Canada) with Tara & Zain. Watch interview.

We talk about what parents can do if they get “caught in during sex”. Will it scar your children for life? Do kids really understand what's going on? Find out.…


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Couple wants more and better sex now that kids are older [Video]

Dr. Trina Read answers, "Now that my kids are older, my husband and I want to have better sex more often. How can we make this happen?" For more great videos, articles, blogs and podcasts go to… Continue

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“What about the man’s sexual needs?” he said

During an interview I was explaining how men could best please a woman.

I explained that men think—from their porno-sex-ed and general socialization— pleasing a woman means: (1) a big penis; (2) lasting a long time during intercourse; (3) making her orgasm.

These things are probably NOT what the average gal is looking for in the sexual experience. In fact, she’s probably craves something very different.

Instead she wants an emotional connection, intimacy and… Continue

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Dr. Trina talks about shower sex [Video]

Dr. Trina Read talks about the "Shower Sex" product line that will enhance your shower sex. Go to for more great videos, articles, blogs and… Continue

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Why is his vasectomy my responsibility?

As I limped ‘blue balled’ to read a book in bed, I said to my husband in frustration, “You know if you were fixed, we could be having sex right now.”

Equally as frustrated he replied, “What’s wrong with using a condom?”

“I’m ovulating today and I don’t want to take any chances. The condom could break.”

It all started a few minutes earlier when my husband nuzzled my neck and I got a warm tingly sensation. I’d been thinking about sex all that long, long day and as… Continue

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When does a woman reach her sexual peak? [Video]

Dr. Trina Read answers, "Is it true that a woman reaches her sexual peak mid-30s? For more great videos, articles, blogs and podcasts go to… Continue

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Sex talk at a mom's book club

I was invited to a mom’s book club who were (bless them) reviewing my book, Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible. It was a range of moms who had babies up to 20 year-old kids.

Inevitably the conversation went to girl’s sexuality—this after I got on my soap box and proclaimed a big reason why women have sexual hang-ups is because of us putting girls/ young ladies/ women’s… Continue

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Dr. Trina discusses, "Is it really mismatched sex drive?" [Video]

Dr. Trina answers, "I like sex but my partner always wants it more than me. What can we do?" For more videos, articles, blogs and podcasts go to… Continue

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When does trolling for chicks become creepy?

I ran into an old friend from my single days. Nice guy. A pretty boy in his prime who had gals flocking to him in droves. He still looks good at 40.

My family was at the Farmer’s Market doing the weekly shop when I spotted him with two other single guys. I turned to my husband and said, “Do you think he’s trolling for women at the Farmer’s Market?”

In the banding together men do when it comes to all-things-trolling my husband stuck up for him, “There’s a lot of nice,… Continue

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Dr. Trina Reviews Sex Board Games [Video]

Dr. Trina explains how couples can get out of their sex rut by simply playing the fun sex board game, ‘Embrace’. For more articles, podcasts and videos go to… Continue

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Watch me on City Line TV

Had a great interview with Tracy Moore the beautiful, powerful and dynamic host of City Line. Really lots of fun talking about “Sex after baby” and “Mini-date nights”. Thanks so much City Line for having me on and I look forward to coming back the next time I’m in Toronto.…


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Woman wants to have orgasm during intercourse [Video]

Dr. Trina answers the question, "I've never had a vaginal orgasm during intercourse. Is there something wrong with me?" Go to for related articles, podcasts and… Continue

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Dr. Trina talks about lubricant

Dr. Trina talks about the importance of lubricant and how to use… Continue

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Frozen Muffin Moments and Sex

My husband took the homemade frozen muffins on the bright blue IKEA plate, placed them in the microwave, turned to me and asked, “How long should these be in the microwave?”

Innocent enough question. But I was up at 3:00 a.m. with a teething baby, could not fall back to sleep until 5:00’ish when my baby, once again, woke up. I was exhausted and coming up with an answer was too much effort.

I looked at him bleary eyed with a confused haven’t-had-my-first-cup-of-coffee… Continue

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Woman doesn't feel like sex one year after baby

Dr. Trina answers the common question from a woman who had a baby over a year ago and still doesn't feel like having… Continue

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Introducing [Video]

Dr. Trina introduces her new website, and explains how the website can help parents who are looking to reconnect after having kids. Continue

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Young women are having's true!

The yearly survey of “how much sex are young women really having” came around mid-September.

Once again, it had nothing to do with male sexuality—can’t figure out for the life of me why it’s always gal’s sexuality that’s under scrutiny. Maybe because people keep that old tired, “men can have lots of sex and women can’t…because she’ll get pregnant and get labeled a ‘whore’” dogma subconsciously in their heads.

This time, thank goodness, no mention of how immoral and… Continue

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Have Sex After

There was a pregnant pause over the phone line and then a confused, “Sex once a week…? That’s the challenge?” With a deep sigh, I had to admit that even to my own ears it sounded pretty lame.

How could I explain to my (childless) friend that taking a shower once a week was an exercise in time management gymnastics—and a much higher priority than sex?

“So, um, yes. Sex once a week. That’s the challenge,” I replied, desperate to not feel sexually inadequate.… Continue

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Where Did the Sexual 'Chemistry' Go?

Question: I love my partner but don’t feel the ‘chemistry’ we once had. What can I do?

Dr. Trina's response

Here’s four ideas to get you started:

(1) Figure out what/ who the top five priorities are in your life. Is your partner one of them? Do your actions follow through on your words?

(2) Rate how easy or hard it is to communicate with difficult topics like sex, or what is bugging you. If it… Continue

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Women, Orgasms and Genetics

Dr. Petra Boynton is a sex educator out of the U.K. In this blog she disputes the idea that an inability to orgasm is due solely to a woman’s genetics.

What I believe is important about her article is: pharmaceutical companies are campaigning hard—multimillions campaigns, paid experts and therapist backing this idea—to have this type of ‘dysfunction’ recognized as real. That way, when (or should I say… Continue

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