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Have Sex After

There was a pregnant pause over the phone line and then a confused, “Sex once a week…? That’s the challenge?” With a deep sigh, I had to admit that even to my own ears it sounded pretty lame.

How could I explain to my (childless) friend that taking a shower once a week was an exercise in time management gymnastics—and a much higher priority than sex?

“So, um, yes. Sex once a week. That’s the challenge,” I replied, desperate to not feel sexually inadequate.… Continue

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Where Did the Sexual 'Chemistry' Go?

Question: I love my partner but don’t feel the ‘chemistry’ we once had. What can I do?

Dr. Trina's response

Here’s four ideas to get you started:

(1) Figure out what/ who the top five priorities are in your life. Is your partner one of them? Do your actions follow through on your words?

(2) Rate how easy or hard it is to communicate with difficult topics like sex, or what is bugging you. If it… Continue

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Women, Orgasms and Genetics

Dr. Petra Boynton is a sex educator out of the U.K. In this blog she disputes the idea that an inability to orgasm is due solely to a woman’s genetics.

What I believe is important about her article is: pharmaceutical companies are campaigning hard—multimillions campaigns, paid experts and therapist backing this idea—to have this type of ‘dysfunction’ recognized as real. That way, when (or should I say… Continue

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I used to have loud sex...

It was a lovely, warm evening, so my husband and I took the kids for a walk around the neighborhood. It was one of those rare, ‘being present, in the moment’ delicious couple times where we chatted while lightly touching each other. Really, really nice.

Then as we passed by a house, a loud scream ripped us from our lovey-dovey reverie. Confused at first, it became apparent—to me—that the ‘scream’ was a woman having very energetic sex.

Giggling, I looked at my husband… Continue

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Episode 640: Does Your Meet Cute Impact Your Marriage?

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