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Neural Pathways to Love

By []Melanie Kira Clark and Anthony Clark

New imaging techniques have enabled researchers to precisely map functioning of different parts of the brain, down to the millimeter. What has been discovered is that new neural pathways are being forged in the brain throughout our entire lives, depending on how we use our mind. Wherever we focus… Continue

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Are You tired Of Nagging ?

Are You Tired of Nagging?

By []Melanie Kira Clark and Anthony Clark

Most women don't want to nag the man in their life - they just want to get through to him. Women spend a lot of time and energy trying to have the best relationships possible. Men know that women will handle the details of day- to-day life and leave us to do what we do best. If you ask most men in… Continue

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Marriage and the Law Of Attraction

You are attracting the type of relationship you have with your spouse. This may be hard to believe, especially if you are unhappy.

There are so many articles written about the powerful law of attraction, but few address its application in marriage. Most people believe that marriage is supposed to be challenging. Couples find it difficult to change and even more difficult to change their spouse. They begin to focus on the things that annoy them about each other and accept some level… Continue

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Hitched Podcast

Episode 621: The Rise in Gray Divorce

The Pew Research Center shared data showing for those over 50 the number of divorces has doubled over the last 30 years. Why? Dr. Karen Sherman shares her thoughts.

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