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The Medium is in the Message

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I do my best to regularly contribute bits and pieces of marriage advice with my Divorce Busting social media communities. It's always interesting for me to read people's examples of how they adopt the Divorce Busting approach- you guys really are a creative bunch! Recently, however, there was a bit of confusion with… Continue

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How to Save Your Marriage in 7 Simple Steps

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The proceeding 7 simple steps to saving your marriage are pulled directly from my book, "The Divorce Remedy." I've summarized the points to help get the wheels turning… Continue

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Is Marriage Obsolete? Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves.

Is Marriage Obsolete

With Time Magazine's most recent issue, Who Needs Marriage?, there has been a lot of talk in the media about if marriage is becoming obsolete. I offer my two cents below.

Michele Weiner Davis is the creator of the Divorce Busting Centers, learn more… Continue

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How to Get Out of Your Marital Rut: Do Something Different

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Do Something Different

Human beings are creatures of habit. Most of the time, we're on automatic pilot. We sleep on the same side of the bed every night. We sit in the same chair at our dining room table. We take the same route to work each day.

Being on automatic pilot is not necessarily a bad… Continue

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The Walk Away Wife Syndrome [Video]

The Walk away wife is a wife who plans the escape from her marriage far in advance from her actually filing for divorce. Michele Weiner-Davis explains the process a walk away wife goes through including her not being happy, the increase and then decrease in her complaining, her plan for escaping, and finally the divorce. Weiner-Davis teaches husbands how to prevent their wives from leaving, while urging women to reconsider what they're leaving behind.

Visit… Continue

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How Can You Tell When a Marriage Is Over?

Your marriage is in trouble. You don't know what to do . You want unbiased professional advice, "Can or should this marriage be saved?" So, you ask around and get the name of a therapist, someone who can

offer impartial feedback about the viability of your relationship. Is

there enough worth salvaging, or is there too much dysfunction, too much

water under the bridge? Should you reinvest or cut your losses and

throw in the…


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Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Your Family)

Your marriage is on the rocks. Your husband is emotionally unavailable and you strongly suspect he is having an affair. Your wife never wants to have sex. You are so miserable about your home life, you can't even concentrate at work. You're so desperate; divorce starts looking like a reasonable option. But you're just not sure what to do. So, you turn to your friends and family for a shoulder to lean on. You tell them about the problems in your… Continue

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How to Choose a Marital Therapist

It amazes me that most people decide to end their marriages without seeking professional help. The decision of whether to divorce or not is probably the most important decision anyone will ever make. Yet, the fact remains that only a minority of people in the throes of marital problems consult marriage therapists.

Truth be told, seeking professional advice for your marital problems is no guarantee things will improve. In fact,… Continue

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How to Heal From Infidelity

Although future posts will include a step-by-step guide for healing from infidelity, I want to jump start you on the process in case you just discovered the betrayal and you're eager to improve things between you and your spouse. Healing from infidelity involves teamwork; both partners must be fully committed to the hard work of getting their marriages back on track. The unfaithful partner must be willing to end the affair and do whatever it takes to win back the trust of his or her spouse.…


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Marital Damage Control - Take a Timeout

Want to be able to stop a fight in its tracks? Take a timeout. In the heat of an argument it's difficult to keep your relationship goals in sight. By taking an intentional break, the time spent reflecting can help to calm your nerves. In this video, I lay out simple strategies to help couples establish a system to lessen the negative effects of their arguments.

Michele Weiner Davis is the creator of the…


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The Sex-Starved Wife [Video]

Low sexual desire in men is America's best kept secret. Millions

of men don't want sex with their wives. The problem is, men simply

don't want to discuss this matter with their wives, health care

professionals or anyone else for that matter. This leaves women feeling

alone and lonely. This video explains this sexual problem in marriage

and offers sex-starved wives several tips for bridging the desire…

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Stop Your Divorce with the The Last Resort Technique

How to Prevent a Divorce - The Last Resort Technique


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Divorce Busting 101 - The Sex Starved Marriage

It's been estimated that one-third of couples face issues of low desire, the impact of which is felt beyond the bedroom: Unsatisfying sexual relationships are the all-too-frequent causes of infidelity and divorce. In this video, I provide some tips to overcome these sex-starved marriage… Continue

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The Marriage Map

The Marriage Map

As a long-time observer of relationships, I can tell you that, like children, marriages go through different developmental stages and predictable crises. But because people are unfamiliar with the normal hills and valleys of marriage,…


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4 Easy Steps to Changing Bad Relationship Habits

A couple's problems unfold in the same way, at the same time, in the same location much of the time. Arguments become highly patterned and once these patterns are discernible, any minor change might yield different results. To help you identify what to change, pay attention to the pattern the problem takes by asking yourself the following four, "What, Where, When and Who" questions. As you respond to these questions, you will see that problems can be resolved by altering the way the problem is… Continue

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10 Steps for Avoiding Divorce

Although relationships often seem daunting, by following these ten simple steps, you can build the foundation for a strong, happy marriage.

1) Spend time together

The number one cause for the breakdown in marriage today is that couples aren't spending enough time together or making the relationship a priority. Everything else seems to take… Continue

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Save Your Marriage with The Marriage Breakthrough (part 2)

Just as promised, here are a couple more videos from my Marriage Breakthrough DVD. Also the rest of the Save Your Marriage: Marriage Breakthrough clips can be found on YouTube. Enjoy.…


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Episode 639: Are Affairs All Bad?

>A website that helps married couples have affairs conducted a survey where over three-quarters of respondents said it benefitted their marriage. How reliable is this information and what does Dr. Karen Sherman think?

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