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Prostitute or tramp? What's the difference?

Maryanne Comaroto

We all know the chief difference between a tramp and a prostitute, right? Of course - the prostitute gets paid for what she does. But these days, the line between the two seems to be getting more and more blurry, as women who have done what used to be unspeakable, are now more than eager to sell their stories to the highest bidder, regardless of who gets hurt or what the consequences are.

To take an example from my…

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What wolf are you feeding!

Yesterday started like many another: I woke up. Normally I am grateful I’m on the right side of the ground, count up the hours I slept peacefully, pause to recall and explore my dreams, evaluate any disturbances and inquire into my feeling state. Then I ritually discuss mutual inquiry with my husband.
Except on this morning I skipped the gratitude, climbed over my anxiety, and went straight to how many hours of sleep I had accrued. Deciding I had enough, I detached my cat from…

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Episode 612: The Difference Between Passionate and Compassionate Love

What are the differences. How do these differences impact your marriage and how can couples navigate the change during their relationship? Dr. Karen Sherman weighs in.

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