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A Woman’s Sex through the Ages: 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s . . .and Beyond












There is so much information out there written for us women about sex and our responses to it (present company included). To some degree when we’re addressed as women, we’re all lumped together in one fell swoop. We’re told about our G spots, our orgasmic potential, our…


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A touch can mean a thousand words

Show each other, rather than tell each other, how much you care.

Small, affectionate gestures done every day can help create intimacy outside and inside the bedroom.

Why is this so important to a happy sex life? Intimacy being the glue that holds a couple together through thick and thin and will keep your sex life on…


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What is porn?

In the USA today, you can be charged with a federal crime for showing obscene materials.


The Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that material can be deemed obscene if it meets three criteria: the ‘average’ person that it, “appeals to the prurient interest”; the work depicts or describes sexual conduct in a “patently offensive way”; the work lacks “serious literary,…


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Is it really mismatched libidos?

I like sex but he wants it way more than me. What can I do?

Surprisingly mismatched sex drives have little to do with libido.

Look through this list of eight typical sex dampeners to see if any fit your situation.

Body issues

Over 80% of women have poor body confidence and don’t feel sexy under the…


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Sexless Marriage – 5 Reasons For Your Husband’s Low Sex Drive

Marriage therapists estimate as many as 20 percent of couples are in a low-sex or sexless marriage in the USA. To my surprise, often enough it's the men, heterosexual men, who don't want sex with their spouse.

How many times do you hear about a woman complaining about her sexless marriage? Not So Much. For most women it's very hard to talk about their husband not wanting to be intimate with them anymore. Women tend to take this personally and think that there is something wrong…


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Top five tips for talking sex

Top five tips for helping you talk sex with your partner.

Good sex starts with good communication. The better your communication, the better your sex will be. Here are five simple ideas to get the communication started with your mate.

(1) Figure out what good sex looks like for you. You need to understand what you want before you can…


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Work from Home Ideas Part 1

Ramblings with Nancy and Linda – Discussing what you need to work from home… Nancy and I talk about business and family and life all the time. We decided to let you all in on our conversations!

Every week we will talk about what is happening in our businesses as well our lives. These conversations will be recorded and posted on our blogs and on Facebook.

You can download these calls and put them on your MP3 players… Continue

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Become a sexy sleuth

Does your relationship need a little sexy pick me up? Try sexy sleuthing.

Devise a series of clues to lead your mate throughout your home.

With each clue, write a different letter(s) of the alphabet on the back of each clue, which, when put together spell the special thing you two will be doing once the sleuthing is over.

At… Continue

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