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October 2011 Blog Posts (10)

The “Just One” Secret to Fitness

You stare at the digital read-out on your scale, unbelieving. 10 pounds?! How could you possibly have gained 10 pounds? You eat like a bird! Nothing but fruits and nuts and veggies. Of course there was that pasta dish the other night. And the irresistible danish at work. And the simply sublime butter sauce on the . . . OK, all right. So you’re eating more than just fruits and nuts and veggies. But 10 pounds?!


You swear yourself into your too-tight gym clothes, force yourself…


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Live Happy, Live Longer—35% Longer!

A new British study of 3,853 participants ages 52-79 was conducted in a single day asking how happy people were using a rating scale from 1 ("not at all") to 4 ("extremely"). Five years later the researchers looked at who was still alive and kicking. What they found was those who reported being happiest had a 35% reduced risk of dying… Continue

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The Porn Trap

There is so much about today’s lifestyle that is bringing significant changes to our relationships. We are admittedly a whole lot busier and spend far more time on the road. We do little face-to-face communication and possess a slew of technological gizmos and gadgets. We are also avid consumers of entertainment and have grown accustomed to hyper-stimulation. In other words, we get bored easily and seem to need a constant stream of new excitement. Is it any surprise then that our new mode of…


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Keep connected during BIG change

Here's what a couple can do to get their sex life back after a big life change—like  having a baby or relocating to a different city.

During times of change it is imperative the couple to not focus so much on sex as creating daily intimacy.

This way the couple doesn’t feel like they are missing out if sex is sporadic.…


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How to Save Marriage From Divorce – 3 Uncommon Ways to Save Your Marriage

Contemplating divorce? Wait. There is hope yet. Discover how to fight for your marriage…and win!

I was so happy the day I married my husband. We were both sparkling eyes and hearts full of love. We swore to be together forever and we meant it.

Cut to 11 years later. Every day I ask myself how to save marriage from divorce. We hardly ever talk or see each other. A silent anger is between us all the time. We never spend family…


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Mo' Money Mo' Marriage Problems

A new study of 1,700 married couples across the U.S. conducted by BYU found that those who placed more focus on money and possessions had less happiness and marital stability than those couples who didn't. Interestingly, couples who were more financially stable were the ones who argued about finances more and also coveted… Continue

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Cheating Man – Does Your Husband Still Love You?

“When I found out my husband cheated after 4 years of marriage it completely devastated me. It wasn’t just that my cheating man had slept with another woman;  I couldn’t understand how he could say he loved me on one hand and completely betray me on the other.”

So I was left with this question: Does he still love me?

Does this woman’s struggle sound familiar to you? Do you wonder how your partner could cheat on you if he truly loved you?

If so,…


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A three minutes to great sex tip

                                                                  Make time to massage her.

Here's an easy idea a guy can do to help ease his gal into a romantic mood. Give her a three minute massage.

It doesn’t have to be an hour-long affair with candles and massage oils; a ten minute hand or foot massage will provide similar results.… Continue

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5 Ways the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 Can Improve Your Marriage

With the roaring conversation around the new iPhone 4S, we thought we'd highlight five ways you can use the new iPhone and the new operating system to help improve your marriage.


1. Use the new Cards app to snap a picture of you and your spouse and send your husband or wife a personalized card expressing your…


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Husband Cheated? Here’s What to Do Next

When you learn that your husband cheated, the partner you built your life around was unfaithful to you, the sense of betrayal can be almost unbearable. In a single moment, you are ripped from the life that you knew and have felt safe in. Your relationship and marriage was an important foundation for your life. Now it feels like it’s all gone. What can you possibly do?

Is She Better Than Me?

This is one of the first agonizing questions and…


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