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How to Be OK Doing Stuff You Don’t Like That Your Guy Does

Him: “Hockey game’s on Saturday. Wanna grab a bite before?”

You: “Sorry, Hon – I already planned something with my sister.” Mental note to self: make immediate Saturday plans with sister.

Ok, so you’re off the hook for this one, but if you don’t watch it, you may be off the hook for your marriage.

Say what? Yes! Marriage is about engaging in each other’s lives, not living separate lives under one roof.

You don’t like hockey “push, shove, blood, guts”… Continue

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Volunteer and Get Ticket to Happiest Place on Earth

In 2010, Disney is offering a free day's admission to 1 million guests who complete a day of volunteer work. They're calling it, "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program and will provide certified volunteers with a one-day ticket to any park at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., or Walt Disney World near Orlando, Fla. A spokesperson for Disney says the promotion "very timely," because of the growing needs of nonprofits in the weak economy, as well as President Obama's national volunteering… Continue

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Just because your Spouse made you feel a certain way in the past, Does it Make it alright to make them feel the same way?

Your spouse is loving, caring and a wonderful mate, but at the same time they have done things in the past that you just can't get over. Doing to them or acting as they acted in the past to make them feel the pain or confusion you felt does not make it alright to do the same. Some may still believe in the ideal an eye for an eye, but what does this solve? Really, does it make it alright to hurt somebody emotionally just because they hurt you? Wouldn't you want them to give you enough respect to… Continue

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How to Tell Your Spouse You’re Not Getting Enough of “It”

You love your guy. He’s a sweetie, mellow, easy-going. He holds down a steady job and does his fair share of the chores – well, most of the time anyway. He’s good with the kids, doesn’t get too ripped on “guys’ night out” and still remembers your anniversary with flowers. You know women who would kill to get such a guy, so what right do you have to complain?

You squirm. You sigh. You bite a cuticle. It’s just that . . . oh boy, how to say this? You want more in the bed department. Or… Continue

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Keeping an Eye on Your Banking

Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase are ready to offer a little relief if you get charged with an overdraft. Bank of America and Wells Fargo plan to stop charging consumers who overdraw by small dollar amounts--respectively by $10 and $5--and lower the number of times, to four from 10 a day, that consumers can get hit with an overdraft fee. Most of Bank of America's changes will take effect in October while Wells Fargo is trying to figure out when the changes will take effect. Furthermore,… Continue

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Do women really hit their sexual peak mid-30s

Is it true that women reach their sexual peak in their 30s?

No, there isn’t a decade when a woman reaches her sexual peak.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey book’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female published in 1953 started this rumor. In the 1940s Kinsey took the sex histories of over 5,000 women and found that the majority hit their sexual stride mid-thirties. As premarital sex was a no-no, by her mid-thirties a woman had been married with a few kids and was therefore less… Continue

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Interactive Relationship Workshops

FYI: Two wonderful relationship workshops that will help you and your spouse reconnect on a deeper level. Take this opportunity to show your spouse your intention to be the very best wife/husband you can be in this marriage.

Saturday, Oct. 10, 9 - Noon

Is Anyone Listening to Me? Solving Communication Problems in Relationships – Course # 4202 R

Realize the value of expressing your opinions while sincerely trying to understand your partner's point of view. Learn the… Continue

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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life with Variety – Outside the Bedroom!

You: “I’m bored. He’s boring. Our sex life is boring. Our marriage is boring.”

Your girlfriend: “Buy some lingerie. Get a sex video. Make a sex video.”

Well, you could do that. But not everything is about sex.

Really. Not everything is about sex.

When you’re bored in your marriage, it’s usually more about failing to engage in each other’s lives than it is in failing to engage in sex.

Variety is the spice of marriage, so get some… Continue

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Obama Healthcare Plan in 4 Minutes

This video offers a succinct overview of what type of healthcare reform bill that president Obama would sign. We know there are a lot of differing opinions on healthcare, what are your thoughts?…


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More Sexual Abuse and Predatory Practices Coming to Light

Two news items hit the papers last week, both revealing sexual abuse numbers. The first comes from the Justice Department. They reported that sexual abuse complaints at the hands of federal prison workers more than doubled (increasing 130%) in the past eight years. Female prison workers had a disproportionately higher percentage of accusations against… Continue

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Does Size Matter?

First, I want to thank Dr. Trina Read for passing this article along. Researcher Stuart Brody from University of the West of Scotland asked 1,000 Czech women about their experiences of vaginal orgasms, as well as their sexual education. In summation, the study found that regularity of vaginal orgasms depended on a number of factors, including… Continue

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Does Making Him Wrong Make It All Right?

You: Stomp. Scream. Slam. “It’s all your fault!”

Him: Throwing hands up. “I made a mistake! I’m sorry!”

He did it wrong. Again. Your mani-pedi check bounced. How are you supposed to look your manicurist in the eyes next time? OK, at the top of her head. Whatever.

And who knows what else you’ll bounce because ‘you-know-who’ balanced the checkbook wrong. Mistake? Ye-ah.

But let’s see. Does stomping out of the room fix it? Or blaming the whole thing on… Continue

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Are You Always too Tired for Sex?

Are you always too tired for sex?

I'm sorry to say this but it is an old belief system that has become a well accepted excuse for women to not want sex.

No doubt, there are many times when a woman/ couple is too tired to have sex. Generally though, being tired shouldn’t equate to a person’s motivation to have sex—a.k.a. sexual desire.

(Analogy: Some women feel she has gained weight because of pregnancy. While the dramatic increase in weight over 9 months, plus all the… Continue

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Monopoly City Streets

The classic board game of Monopoly was first introduced in 1935, dab smack in the middle of the Great Depression. So, it's only fitting that during our current Great Recession, Google and Hasbro have teamed up to launch Monopoly City Streets, a mashup of Monopoly with Google maps. If you and your spouse are looking to do something different this weekend, get started by visiting: The goal is to "beat… Continue

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Married Lawmaker Accidentally Talks Affair on Camera and Live Mic

I know! Another political sex scandal. Michael Duvall, a Republican state representative from Orange County, California was waiting for a meeting to start when he began discussing his sexual exploits and infidelity with a neighbor. The problem was that the camera for the meeting was rolling and his microphone was on. This report (click here),… Continue

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More Older Americans in Poverty

The National Academy of Science has a formula to more accurately gauge the poverty levels in the U.S. For one thing, it takes into account the inflating prices of health care. It also adjusts for those who receive federal aid in the form of food stamps or other programs. What's sad is that when the formula is applied to citizens over the age of 65 the poverty rate hits 18.6%… Continue

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The influence of music on sexuality

We all know the importance of music in all aspects of our lives; our musical tastes are as diverse as ourselves and according to the stage that we’re living our preferred rates.

With whom doesn’t it happen that on hearing a particular song all past memories come to mind and return to relive emotions and feelings related to that topic.

That is the power exercised by the music, goes directly to produce certain feelings within us that will remain engraved in the brain and is… Continue

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Brain Scan Shows Love Can Last

Ten women and seven men had their brains scanned. They had been married an average of 21 years. Another group of the same number of women and men also had functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) done on their brains. This second group of people had fallen in love within the year. The fMRI results showed that the love doesn't fade over time, according to research presented at a meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, D.C. a several months back. In fact, the scans of… Continue

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History: Women About to Become Majority of Workers in U.S.

With the current economy, both men and women have been losing jobs. However, men have been losing more jobs then women. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that since December 2007 when the recession started through June, men have lost roughly 4.75 million jobs compred to 1.66 million for women. Now, there are several factors that play into the shifting workforce in the U.S. For one, there's… Continue

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Need Your Spouse’s Help, Super-Mom? Here’s How!

Him: Feeding the baby. Badly. Pureed peas decorate the floor, his shirt, baby’s face – everywhere but the mouth.

You: Sigh. Foot tapping. Groan. “I’ll do it!” Spoon snatched.

Like you do everything already. Or so it seems. The man can’t even feed a baby, much less bathe it, diaper it, or do anything else to help you, and now number 2 is on the way. Move over, world, here comes Super-Mom!

Only Super-Mom is tiring and the whole Super-Mom thing gets very old, very… Continue

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