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August 2012 Blog Posts (8)

Couples of Comic Con 2012

Our photographer, John Dalog, went to the 2012 Comic Con to find couples partaking in the festivities. Here's who he ran into: 

Name: Gerardo Mora,

Name: Ashley Mora

Married: 4 years

Dressed up as? Steampunk

How long did it take to make your costumes? 6 months

What were you most excited to see at Comic-Con? The Hobbit…


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Your Husband Cheated - Who Can You Confide in?

Your world is crumbling down under your feet. You have recently found out that your husband is cheating, or has cheated in the past and now you are this non-functioning mess of rage, shock, sadness, low self esteem and despair.

If that’s not enough, when your husband cheats –  It makes you feel lonelier than you have ever felt before.…


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How to Deal with the Gory Details of His Affair

“A crazy cocktail of denial, anger, grief and complete loss of self esteem.” This is how I felt when I discovered my husband had an affair with his (not attractive) co-worker. I immediately wanted to know EVERYTHING about his infidelity.



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How a "Little Book" Helped me Save My Marriage

Looking back, I know I made virtually all the possible mistakes a betrayed wife can do after finding out about her husband’s emotional and physical 6 month affair. The first mistake was NOT looking for How to Survive an Affair bookimmediately.

I found out about it when he accidentally left his mail open. I think that subconsciously he wanted me to find out or he would have been much more careful with his private mail. It’s still…


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Do You Know WHY Your Husband Cheated?

When I found out my husband had a 6 month affair with his coworker, I was so angry I could chew through steel. How could he do this to me? To us? To our family? And most importantly – WHY? Why did my husband have an affair? Why do men have affairs?

I had to know. Is it my fault? Could I have prevented this? Does…


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Dr. Trina Read Discusses How Body Image Effects Sex Life on the Marilyn Denis Show

Dr. Trina Read has been busy. In a recent appearance on the Marilyn Denis Show, Dr. Read discusses how women, in particular, can cope with an insecure body image. In her appearance she makes a wonderfully profound statement that should be heard, she says, "Changing our body image is not about changing our body, it's about falling in love with the body we have." Dr. Read offers other fantastic advice in this segment.…


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Dr. Trina Read Discusses the Difference Between Chatting vs. Cheating

If you've spent enough time on Facebook or other social networks, you've likely come across an old flame. This brings about a lot of questions, starting with the big one of whether or not you should "friend" them. Moving beyond that includes actually engaging in conversation. What about engaging with others in conversation? How far can those conversations get before they become inappropriate? Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read, joined the crew of Breakfast Television Calgary to discuss this topic.…


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Too Many Missed Opportunities? Power Off Your Smart Phone!

The courtroom is hot. The lawyer drones on and on. The jurors are bored. The judge is bored. His Honor’s gaze strays over to the jurors. One juror seems relatively awake. That’s because said juror is texting one-handed, surreptitiously, down by his knee. But his interested expression gives him away. The judge booms: “Bailiff!” The bailiff strides over to the embarrassed juror, who now of course can’t find the %^& off button, and confiscates the phone. The two minutes of excitement having…


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