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July 2012 Blog Posts (6)

How to End an Affair (The Right Way) and Save Your Marriage

If you really want to save your marriage and your relationship, you know you have to end an affair. It’s not an easy thing to do; most people describe it quitting drugs – The “high” you get from the new found romance in your life I even addictive.

Even after you finally decide to end the affair, it doesn’t guarantee that you will save your relationship. You have to do it the right way and follow the right steps to save your marriage.


he following…


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Your Husband Cheated - Should You End Things Now or Give it One More Chance?

Choosing between staying with cheating partners or calling a divorce lawyer – is one of the first dilemmas in the tortured and suffering mind of the betrayed spouse. You don’t know what to do and dozens of different reasons for both directions – flood your head all together. Here you will discover how to find the right answer and what questions you should ask yourself as you whether to seek marriage help, or divorce.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

If the…


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How Important Is Your Attitude?

There is an expression that “when you look at challenge differently, it starts looking different to you”. There are a few people lately that are amazing examples to me of “attitude in action” in dealing with their own life altering situations. I can think of three people in particular including myself that have in recent time’s endured serious life threatening…


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Which of THESE Drove Your Husband to Have an Affair?

Why do men have affairs and which one of these reasons drove your husband to cheat?

When I found out my husband had a 6 month affair with his coworker, I was so angry I could chew through steel. How could he do this to me? To us? To our family? And most importantly – WHY? Why did my husband have an affair? Why do men have affairs?

I had to know. Is it my fault? Could I have prevented this? Does it mean he doesn’t…


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7 Warning Signs That Your Husband will Cheat AGAIN

Is once a cheater always a cheater? This is how to know if your cheating husband is a serial cheater– Or not.

You want to get over his affair somehow, rebuild the trust and save your marriage, but constant suspicion is eating you away. All your energy is consumed by watching his actions, trying to detect any hint that…


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Could Spanking Your Kid Cause Mental Disorders in Adulthood?

New research suggests that physical punishment as a form of discipline in kids may increase the risk of mental disorders in adulthood from mood and anxiety disorders to drug and alcohol abuse. The study lead by Tracie Afifi, an assistant professor of epidemiology in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba, Canada, looked at data…


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