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June 2012 Blog Posts (5)

Step Away From The Comparison Game: Just Be You!

Harried, bedraggled, already late for work, you do your best to be patient as your kids scramble out of the car juggling school backpacks and soccer gear, when your youngest pipes up “Where’s my lunch?” Oh, shoot. In the fridge, that’s where his lunch is. You root in your purse, grab some bills and shove them at your child, “Sorry, Sweetie. Here’s some lunch money. Gotta go. I love you.” As you maneuver your way out of the cramped school drop-off area, you glance over to a sleek SUV, driven…


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Observing Your Orgasm

In the 1950s and 60s, Masters and Johnson studied sexual function in 700 people who agreed to have their sex or self-pleasure watched under close scientific scrutiny.

The researchers measured bodily responses and studied the vagina during …


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Marital Problems – 6 Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling Right Now

You must forgive my morbid analogy, but marital problems are like cancer. The earlier you detect it and treat it, the more chances you have to beat it and survive.

Marriage problems are the same. If you address your problems early on and solve them on time, you dramatically increase the survival chances of your relationship. If you put it off and wait for the problems disappear on their own, don’t be surprised to be heading…


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[Infographic] Being in Love Can Save You Money!

When we think about saving money, we often think about slowing down on the lattes or clipping coupons. The good folks at FrugalDad have quantified the savings of a loving relationship through various research and studies. They put together the great infographic below, which illustrates the benefits of a loving relationship. Enjoy! 

love helps infographic



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Smile! It’s Good For Your Health

It has been a miserable day. You overslept, your hair-dryer died in a brief flash of evil burning smell, you forgot to get gas on your way home last night and had to wait in line at the pump this morning. Your boss has a new favorite (and it’s definitely not you), the team meeting dragged on for-e-ver, and you only got half your work done.


You came home to a messy house, the kids each doing their own “thing” none of which included their chores. You burnt dinner, your spouse…


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