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June 2011 Blog Posts (14)

Win the Battle, Lose the Love

You throw the credit card bill in the middle of the kitchen table with a victorious flourish. Ta-da! You were right. HE’s the one who maxed out the card. HE’s the one who spent needless dollars on some foolish whats-it that wasn’t in the budget. HE’s the one who puts his selfish needs above the good of the family. HE…well, HE walked out of the room. Fine, who cares. You gloat happily.


Or SHE’s the one who drank all the OJ and didn’t replace it. SHE’s the one who can’t load a…


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Study Tracks the Influence of Infidelity

An online study by researchers at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion, The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, and the University of Guelph surveyed 506 men, average age 33, and 412 women, average age 28, who indicated being heterosexual and in a monogamous sexual relationship. The study is the first to look at the influence of…


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Husband Resents Time With Kids

Why does your husband get cranky when you spend time with the kids? Why is he so demanding of your time when he knows you don’t have any!?

A woman laments: “I don’t get it, Mom, he sees me dealing with the kids – diapering one, holding the other back from hitting the cat, and chasing the third down before he runs naked into the street - and all my husband does is get home from work, plop into the couch and complain “We never go out anymore”?!” “Men are like that,” her Mom says… Continue

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Date Night Idea: Try Local Craft Beer at a Brewpub

The author of "Great American Craft Beer," Andy Crouch, has highlighted 10 spots where brewing is done on-site. If these locations are in your area, you might consider planning a date around one of these. You… Continue

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Why Some Wives Need to be "Bitches" in the Bedroom

Our responses to sex and our own sexuality can be as complicated as they are mysterious. The truth is, we don’t learn about sex in one fell swoop. Our attitudes, behaviours and responses to sex are often a hodge-podge of multiple influences over time. The traditional socialisation of women as the more genteel and nurturing of the sexes, has meant that many women end up feeling very conflicted about their own sexuality. The media is very good at portraying the sexually…


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When Wives Don't Sleep, Marriage Suffers

Researchers out of the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study that found that when wives have trouble falling asleep, the quality of their relationship with their husband suffers. Meaning, both the husband and wife were reported feeling ignored or criticized the following day. Conversely, the opposite is not true when men had trouble drifting off. For the study, researchers…


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Surviving the Four-Year Itch


Much has been said about the four-year itch. For the uninitiated, this refers to the period

after marriage where both husbands and wives begin to develop a roving eye (or so the theory goes). There develops according to this trend of thought, a decided propensity for looking for greener relationship pastures. Scientific

research already…


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The Food Pyramid Is Out, the Food Plate Is In

For many, we understand that we need to eat better. Maybe we need to put down more vegetables or fruit and less grain. But how much? Well, the U.S. Department of Agriculture thought it would be easier for us to understand if we actually saw what the portions looked like on our plate. They have launched a new website… Continue

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Bad to Worse Day - Now What?!

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong, it seems everything starts to go wrong? It’s like you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and somehow it’s all downhill from there?

I’m at the vet, waiting to get my dog’s annual checkup – not his favorite thing,  although he likes all the face to face with cats, and iguanas and other strange beasts  – when a German Shepherd sweeps in, dragging his poor owner barely hanging on to the leash,  behind him. “Rex, stop,” she’s imploring, not that… Continue

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About Face!

We are reminded that “a face has launched a thousand ships,” according to Christopher Marlowe referring to Helen in Homer’s Odyssey. Yet what most of us forget is that Helen was 12 years old! What child isn’t precious and beautiful (and certainly worth sending out a rescue mission for) at age 12? No disrespect, but I would have launched a similar mission had my son been kidnapped, regardless of what his face looked…


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When A Woman Is A Vulture and Your Man The Prey

We've all met this kind of woman I'm sure. We can sense her a mile away. She is like a bird of prey and most likely, she's preying on your man. Lest I be misunderstood, this article is not an attempt to absolve men of any of the guilt or responsibility which they must acknowledge when it comes to cheating. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Men are not babies. They know…


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What to do when confronted by "The Pink Elephant"

Every now and again you come across a situation in your life that blows your hair back, your skirt up or...just blows. For example: you find out the person you're seriously considering spending the rest of your life with isn't interested in a long term relationship with you.  Or you discover one evening, quite by accident, that your husband prefers blondes...who are hung like a horse. Or you learn that your new girlfriend is really a man, or that your movie star/Governor…


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Why Marriages suffer due to Impotence?

You are on that point of your life where you feel that a saturation level is seeping in quietly. You love your partner, but feel that something is missing from your life. You have had a great marriage and feel lucky to be with your life. But all of a sudden, some health problem comes between you and your partner.


It is a known fact that a problem like Erectile Dysfunction has…


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Is it Your Mood or Your Attitude?

The baby cried half the night, you couldn’t soothe her, the two hours sleep you got left you cranky and out of sorts when you got up to go to work. Or perhaps it was that tooth that’s been bothering you that kept you tossing and turning, or your mate who snored incessantly, or the neighbors’ partying that kept you miserably staring at the ceiling, until you finally took a sleeping pill and woke up groggy and uncomfortable this morning.

Then of course you had to rush to get out of the… Continue

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