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Romance Writers Share Their Romance Tips for Summer

USA Today compiled a nice list of advice from various best-selling romance writers on how to boost your romance this summer. Here's what some of them said: 

Mary Jo Putney, author of…


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Home Births Jump 20%

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that between 2004 to 2008 home births increased 20% compared to their previous data dating from 1990 to 2004. In total, less than 1% of births in the U.S. occur at home. The report says that the rise was driven by white women--1 in 98 had their babies at home.…


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So What If "Great Sex" Is Not Enough?

After flying the flag fastidiously about the benefits of a great sex life, some of you may wonder if I’ve finally awakened from my slumber to smell the strong coffee. Actually, I never lost sight (or rather smell) of it and the entire story about relationships must always be told. “Great Sex”, “Greater Orgasms”, “Find Your G Spot”, “Drive Him/Her Wild In Bed” and the like,…


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Glamour of Business Travel… Uh-Huh

Why is it the first thing you think of when your sweetheart says he has to travel on business is "What about me?" Why is that narcissistic yelp the first thing out of your mouth? Why, no matter how good your relationship is, do you instantly visualize abandonment?

I'm washing my dog at one of those do-it-yourself places, and in the tub next to me is a St. Bernard, whose owners are having this not-too-happy discussion. The guy is saying "But it's just for 3 weeks, honey," and Honey is… Continue

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The Secret to a Happy Marriage May Be Knowing the Mundane

Harvard-trained psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein and student Rachel Smith just released the results of their new study that says practical skills and knowledge are more important to the overall satisfaction of a marriage than communication. For clarity, practical skills include things like paying the bills and grocery shopping, while knowledge includes knowing what dress…

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Antidepressants Affecting Libido

I recently started taking an antidepressant and lost my sex drive. What can I do?

Dr. Trina's Answer

Take heart that you’re not alone. Research suggests that 37 percent of people who take antidepressants experience everything from decreased libido to increased time reaching orgasm.

Here’s a few suggestions that may… Continue

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Cheat and Tell?

Recently I had quite an interesting conversation with a girlfriend of mine. She was stuck somewhat between a rock and a hard place because she was wondering if it was always necessary to confess that one had cheated. If you cheated, did you always have to tell? Is it alright to wriggle out of an affair without confessing to your partner what had been done?



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Hate To Exercise

Why don't you exercise when you know perfectly well you should?  Why do you keep promising yourself you'll join the gym – but never get there?

You're huffing and puffing as you climb the stairs at work, irritated with yourself because you know you should be in better shape than this. It's getting harder to get your energy up in the morning, and you feel awfully rundown at night. You're well aware that exercising regularly would change all that, but you just can't seem to pull it… Continue

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Dr. Trina on the Balancing Act [Video]

Dr. Trina Read appears on The Balancing Act show on LifeTime Network and chats about how to sex up your sex life with the help of We-Vibe II. Special guest appearance by Melody and Bruce Murison creators of the fabulous We-Vibe II.



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"OOOOO Baby!" A Guy's Guide to Using the Language of Love

It is a scientific fact that women are more language oriented than men. This perhaps explains why we tend to be so turned on by talk; words just have a way of getting to us.There have been so many songs and poems written by men, to women, to express their deep and abiding desire and love. From Shakespeare to Wordsworth to Robert Blake, to the sultry lyrics of popular…


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Lifespan for Children of Divorced Parents Cut Five Years

Have you heard of the Longevity Project? It was started in 1921 by Stanford University psychologist, Lewis Terman, who pulled 1,500 young, bright children from their classrooms and interviewed them about pretty much everything. These kids were then followed throughout their life, many outliving Terman, and the research was picked up…


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Study Shows Long Married Couples Mimic Physical & Emotional State

Researchers from the University of British Columbia and Pennsylvania State University tracked the emotional and physical histories of more than 1,700 older couples over a 15-year period and found a strong relationship between “depressive symptoms” (unhappiness, loneliness and restlessness) and “functional limitations” – the physical inability to perform such basic tasks as…


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Naming Our Sex Organs; What This Reveals About Us

If you’re like me, you probably grew up in an era when the genitals were imbued with a wonderful sense of mystique. When it came to body parts, an eye was always an eye and a tooth a tooth. When it came to the vagina however, it was a pocket, a pok-pok, a coochie, a pokey or some other slang term, some of  which will remain unmentionable in this forum. What these…


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Guy Buying Girlfriend Clothes

Why do some guys think they have the right to tell you what to wear or how to wear it? What is it about guys buying clothes for you that feels great but weird at the same time?

I'm at the mall, and I can't help but notice a very dashing young man selecting clothes for his girlfriend to try on. "Mmm, that's not really my type," she says, of one of the outfits, "Oh, you'd look great in it. Try it on – for me," he says, handing it to her. "OK," she says, giving in. And when she comes out… Continue

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Unfortunately, this is the reason for the failure of some marriages. This problem starts long before the marriage. Wives, or husbands, who feel their mouth belongs to them, and therefore have the right to say whatever they feel, and whenever they feel, are very wrong. Every husband should note this: Your body, which includes your mouth belongs also to your wife, and likewise, the body of the wife, including her mouth, belongs to the husband. History can bear witness to the fact that “Wrong…


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She's been faking orgasm...for a long time

I’ve been faking orgasms and I don’t know how to stop. Do I just tell him? How do I tell him?

Dr. Trina's Response

Studies show that about 55% of women occasionally fake orgasm, while 75% of women fake it at least once in their life.

Most of the faking happens, I believe, because we put far too much pressure on… Continue

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Let Go Or Get Dragged

You cope pretty darn well with the crises and emergencies of life. Somehow you get through them, over them, and get on with life.

But then there are things that aren’t crises, yet somehow manage to irritate, annoy or aggravate you every time you bump into them. Things you don’t get over because they’re in your face time and time again.

You know, like that ex with whom you had the misfortune to birth a perfectly wonderful daughter who you have to “share” with him since the… Continue

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