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April 2021 Blog Posts (7)

Prevent drama with self-regulation and co-regulation

You know when you don’t feel so hot physically or emotionally, how you are more sensitive to most things? And, even more so with your partner and how they are being? The things that you would normally let go or that wouldn’t necessarily bother you, in this state they are actually experienced as micro aggressions. And, when this happens you are both thrown for a loop... You can prevent pain and drama with self-regulation and co-regulation.

What does that mean? Self-regulation…


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Best Writing Essay Tips For Students In 2021

Let me guess… you landed on this page because you searched for all or any of…


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The key is embracing a relationship enrichment lifestyle… (Video)

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast in your life? Do you feel like your world got turned upside down and you don’t know what’s up or down? Do you feel exhausted and completely unmotivated? Do you feel like are banging around without purpose and alone? Do you feel disconnected from your partner and like you are both just floating around?

You are not alone. Imagine a gigantic hand grabbed the world this past year and shook it and shook it.…


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4 Best Money Management Apps For Uni

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If you have a smartphone, using apps is not new to you. However, do you know some apps that can help you manage…


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When you keep having the same fight…

Sometimes things don’t seem to be working out the way we’d prefer in our life and our relationship. We don’t lose the weight. We don’t get the promotion or hit our sales target. We haven’t gotten engaged yet. We keep having the same fight. There is a reason for this. The reason is that we are getting in our own way…

Now, I say with lots of love and compassion, for who wants to hear it’s their fault they are having a hard time. Right?

But the reality is that we…


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Implement pleasure and delight habits… (Video)

It is not uncommon for us to become so tunnel vision in our experience that we miss the forest for the tree. We focus on what’s not working, how we’ve been wronged, what we don’t like, how much we have to do, and all the miseries of life. We tend to overwork, neglect ourselves and our loved ones. We are far from living our Best Life and creating our Best Relationship… We can focus and work differently instead… And, we can implement pleasure and delight habits…

Why pleasure…


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our new beginning needs a communication cleanse

The conversation continues on having a refresh and reset, a renewal, on creating a new beginning, and on getting traction on our relationship and life transformation… Are you ready for newness? Let’s do it! To get traction with the new, we have to get rid of the old… Your new beginning needs a communication cleanse to set the right tone for the awesomeness that’s to come.

Today we’ll focus on how to clean up how you communicate in your relationship. I recently wrote…


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