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April 2013 Blog Posts (4)

Feel disconnected....

My partner is a great provider, but he is self-absorbed. Moreover, we don't share any common interests and he thinks being emotional is a weak man's job. Whenever, I confront him on this, he makes special efforts to sound sentimental, which I find more irritating. There have been numerous incidents where I have reached out to him, he responds well, but I am tired of always initiating. Whever, I am ill, he goes to work as usual and either makes a courtesy call from there or sometimes doesn't…


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The Power of Love in Marriage


        The word love is so frequently use that if we are not careful it could lose it's effect in our marriage.However the word is so power packed that we must use it with caution. Love is a magnet that has drawn two people together from two different backgrounds; two different cultures; two different race, and various differences. It is said that love is so strong that it cannot be drowned by water, and fire cannot…


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Create the Perfect Man Day

We often hear that men should help his woman feel special but rarely do we hear that a woman should help her man feel special.

So ladies it's time for a 'Man Day'. Find more at:Eat Drink Love TV.

Find out how to make this…


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A Non-Waste of Time Team-Building Exercise [and yes you can try this at home]

You moan, you groan. Your manager has called one of his infamous “team-building” meetings, and it’s only the threat of getting fired that propels your butt out of your chair and into the meeting. What a waste! Sitting around doing departmental Kumbaya when you have piles of work marked “Urgent!” and “Rush!” on your desk.


So it isn’t exactly in a mood of eager anticipation that you park your unhappy self in the meeting room. Mobile devices are strictly forbidden, so you don’t…


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