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April 2010 Blog Posts (20)

The FDA Approves First Vaccine for Prostate Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the 93,000 vaccine, Provenge, making it the first vaccine for prostate cancer--or any cancer for that matter. It should be noted that Provenge doesn't prevent or cure cancer, unlike the polio shot or… Continue

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Want a Lasting Marriage? Get Back to the Basics - part 2

We're talking about how to "get back to the basics" around creating a lasting, solid relationship over time. This is the second post in my Hitched series on premarital tips for married couples who either never learned - or have forgotten how to keep the foundation under their "marriage house" as strong as possible. They are the guide posts I describe in…


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Week #21--Sexless Soccer Mom?

Six Month Sex Challenge: Week #21—Can’t help but wonder if being a sexless soccer mom is an inevitable part of my future.

Lesson I learned from last week: There are a lot of affordable products on the market that help women emphasize sensuality. Take advantage of them!

It seemed like such a great idea…

The email from our community association… Continue

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my husbands behavior! someone please help

everytime we go some where he act like he so in charge of everything he makes me do this he makes me do that or if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be where i am .he helped me out he got me from stop stressing out things like that are when we are in public its mf this damn that are he is talking about someone are he makes a remark this embrassing i tell him dont do that or he gets around his family acting like he controls are something and i dont like but when we get home its i'm sorry but his…


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Listen to BJ, Howie & Erica of Alice Radio Discuss a Hitched Article

Radio show personalities BJ, Howie and Erica of Alice radio in Colorado had over a 10 minute conversation discussing Jenna Barry's article, "Are You a Controlling Wife?" In the article, Jenna presents nine questions that you need to ask to identify if you're a controlling wife. The radio hosts go through many of these questions… Continue

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Want a Lasting Marriage? Get Back to the Basics

If you're married and didn't get any kind of premarital education - you're not alone. Though many know of the benefits, when you're in the honymoon phase of your relationship it's pretty easy to think you won't be one of the statistics. If you're married, you likely have some idea that married life isn't necessarily as easy as you might have thought it would be. Though incredibly rewarding much of the time, the reality is there are ups and downs as you navigate through life together with…


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Guy Always Working

Why is it you always seem to want what you can’t have? Why do you try to come between your lover and his work when you know you can't win?

I'm out walking my dog. He’s doing his sniffing thing, which seems much more important to him than the peeing thing – and there’s a couple arguing.

The guy is trying to get into his car. He’s telling the woman he has to go, he has an appointment, and she’s frustrated. She's saying "You always have an appointment," and he’s saying “Look… Continue

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Childbirth Deaths Drop Dramatically

For all mothers to be, take a deep sigh of relief. A new study by the University of Washington revealed that since 1980 worldwide deaths of women do to childbirth--either during or soon after delivery--has fallen by… Continue

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Week #20--Accentuate the Sensual

Six Month Sex Challenge: Week #20—Earthly Delights tin is full of lotions and potions is a great (affordable) sensual starter kit.

Lesson I learned from last week: Being able to find (relocate) my G-spot isn’t a realistic expectation during the 15 to 20 minutes allocated to sex…can’t wait for my baby to be a least a year old when I will have more time for such endeavors…

The second item Eden… Continue

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The Marriage Map

The Marriage Map

As a long-time observer of relationships, I can tell you that, like children, marriages go through different developmental stages and predictable crises. But because people are unfamiliar with the normal hills and valleys of marriage,…


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Frustration with Customers

Why do you get so frustrated with your customers or clients that you have to exercise major self-control not to say something bitingly sarcastic to them? How do you keep it together when what you really want to do is blow up?

OK, so you're a people-person, you really are, and 90% of the time you love your job, dealing with people all day long, day in day out. But then you get a griper, or a whiner, or a nagger, or some other lower form of personhood, and then you have to smile and… Continue

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Communication Challenge: How Well do You and Your Spouse Listen to Each Other?

How well do you listen to your spouse? How well does he/she listen to you?

When working with couples on communication, one thing that comes up a lot is frustration around not feeling heard. I'm not only referring to not listening to each other - but also not hearing each other. People can think they've heard each other but a simple misunderstanding or incorrect assumption can totally derail the communication process.

One way to be sure you and your…


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Week #19--Finding the G-Spot

Six Month Sex Challenge: Week #19—Finding my G-spot: is it possible during the 15 to 20 minutes allocated to sex? Nope.

Lesson I learned from last week: During the first year after baby, it’s inevitable the amount of sexual frequency will decline. It’s better to discuss it beforehand rather than deal with the “We’re not having enough sex” mess afterwards.

Eden… Continue

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Husband Quits, Wife Keeps Fighting

Laura Munson's husband came home one day and said that he was done with their marriage and moreover that after 20-plus years together he wasn't sure that he ever loved her. Munson, however, didn't think it was over and says she knew him and knew he loved her. Her new book, "This Is Not the Story You Think It Is" describes how she fought for and saved her marriage. Here's an interview with her from ABC News below.… Continue

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Driven by Guilt

Why are you guilt-ridden the moment you take some time to yourself? Why does what little personal time you have always disintegrate into doing-something-for-somebody-else time?

At last you have an hour to yourself! One precious hour to stretch out and read that romance novel you've been hoarding. You're just getting into it when that little voice inside your head starts up: "What about the laundry? You didn't pick up the kid's room…And who do you think is going to start dinner?" and… Continue

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Men Want a Successful Marriage? Marry Woman 27% Smarter Than You

We've seen it before. Smart women are really good for men. We've previous posted that men live longer when married to smart women (click here). Now, Swiss researchers report that the secret formula to a happy marriage is for men to find a woman who is 27 percent smarter than they are--or women need to… Continue

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4 Easy Steps to Changing Bad Relationship Habits

A couple's problems unfold in the same way, at the same time, in the same location much of the time. Arguments become highly patterned and once these patterns are discernible, any minor change might yield different results. To help you identify what to change, pay attention to the pattern the problem takes by asking yourself the following four, "What, Where, When and Who" questions. As you respond to these questions, you will see that problems can be resolved by altering the way the problem is… Continue

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Wife Sues Husband's Alleged Mistress and Wins $9 Million

In North Carolina, Cynthia Shackelford had been married to her husband, Allen, for 33 years. When Cynthia got suspicious that her husband might be doing something on the sly, a private investigator confirmed that her husband had been having an affair with Anne Lundquist. In North Carolina, there's an old law called "alienation of affection."… Continue

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Affair Recovery Tip: Allow for Tranparency

Infidelity can one of the most challenging and painful things a marriage can go through. Thankfully, there are effective ways to work through it, especially if both are open to it. Working with couples on the road to affair recovery, I encourage a number of basic rules for the work to be as effective and successful as possible. Here is one:

Allow for Transparency

With the rebuilding of trust being one of the most important elements of healing…


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Hug your partner. Increase oxytocin. Feel loved.

Did you know that if you give your partner a full contact body hug for at least 20 seconds at a time you both have the potential to release oxytocin, the "love" hormone? For couples in distress, both people are likely releasing damaging cortisol (the stress hormone). Because a sense of safety can release oxytocin, this makes the 20 second body hug a wonderful (and fun) antidote for the other. The more times a day you can do this with your partner the better but great times are in…


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