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March 2014 Blog Posts (16)

Rituals – A Fantastic Couple Success Tool!

There is no better way to create wonderful memories and meaning in one’s relationship than with rituals. Rituals are a special way to show love, appreciation and importance for the partners throughout time in the life of the relationship.

Relationships are made up of interactions between two partners which can be negative or positive. Their repetition provide the overall feel of the relationship. Rituals collaborate with this…


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Do You Know How to “Clean” Your Energy?

We are energy. We look like solid entities in our human form only because of our limited human faculties. We are energetic beings with vibrational frequencies. Imagine us as energy waves, reaching further than apparent by the illusion of our human form. We are all interconnected… We all feel and impact each other… It is our human duty to clean our energy, to make sure we raise our vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency the closer we are in…


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Restructuring: Are You In Your Partner’s Circle…?

Couple relationships experiencing difficulties can be categorized into two broad styles of relating: temperamental or tenuous, and can fluctuate between these extremes. These relationships are not satisfying, and not likely to succeed – enjoy couples’ inherent synergy, as the partners are spent in their constant efforts to address the impact of their relational style.The partners might feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the…


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Follow the Path to Passion and Synergy

One characteristic satisfied and successful couples have in common is that they are part of each other’s lives. Duh-ah! I’m sure this does not come as a surprise. The trick though is how the partners are part of each other’s lives.

Partners have difficulties negotiating what this means to them and integrating a healthy approach to togetherness and couplehood. Their relating ranges from partners leading parallel lives where…


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Grumpy Husband, Bad Marriage?

It's a common thought that a happy wife equaled a happy life. It turns out that new research of 953 couples from the University of Chicago found that marital happiness is actually more aligned with the happiness and health of the husband. The study “Marital Conflict in Older Couples:…


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Connecting is Vital for Tapping Into Your Synergy

One would think that connecting with our partner is an easy feat. After all they are the one person we are supposed to be the most intimate with. This is most often not the case and we are actually not that intimate. I find that couples have a very difficult time connecting, feeling connected and staying connected, and their efforts at connecting sometimes create even more distance between them. It doesn’t have to be this way.

First, we need…


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If You Can See It, You Can Create It…

You might not have a chance if you keep this up: A tendency to look for weaknesses, gaps, holes, things to improve, deficiencies and the like, and miss the boat on capitalizing on strengths in your relationship. We bring this tendency to how we view our partner and how we relate with them. We look for their shortcomings, what they forget to do, what they could do better, and what else they can do for us. We use a lack and…


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Married Tax Payers: File Jointly or Separately?

It's a new year with new tax rules. DailyFinance has put together a good write-up showing when it makes sense for couples to file jointly, lowering the amount their income will get taxed; and when to file separately because being married and filing jointly will…


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How Badly Do You Want An Awesome Relationship?

How badly do you want to have an awesome relationship with your partner? How committed are you to making the relationship work? Is failure an option? Do you have one foot out the door? I hear partners complain about how they want things to be different, but they don’t take any risks to change things. It makes sense that striving to create the relationship we want is scary, as this would entail Being in the relationship in very specific ways:…


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Your Relationship is the Key to Your Success!!

Our relationship is one of the biggest, most powerful asset and gift we have in our life! It is a true treasure chest worth a fortune. It can deliver unimaginable heights of satisfaction, peace, joy, love, happiness and success!!

To cash-in on this fortune we have to polish the gems on the rough, the hidden treasures.

Hidden Treasure #1 – Potential to Heal:

One of the unconscious reasons we are…


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Do You Support Each Other?

We all have dreams, wishes and goals. There are things we want for ourselves, our partner, our family. Sometimes though we find that it is difficult, if not impossible, to make our wish a reality.

We may want to start a new business, go back to school, learn a new trade, pick up a new hobby or project, throw a party, have the house a certain…


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Pizza Hut Unveils New Interactive Table That'll Change Date Night

It's pizza night and you and your spouse just aren't sure what you want on your pizza. Well, Pizza Hut is demonstrating a new cool interactive tabletop that lets you and your spouse order your pizza just how you want it. This Time article offers a few details if you want to know more.


What other restaurant/food establishment would you like to see an interactive…


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7 Science-Based Tips for a Happy Marriage

We're big fans of The New York Times writer, Tara Parker-Pope (check out our 25 Marriage Tweeps You Should Follow). Her regular column featured in the Well Blog of the NYT is on our regular…


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Infographic: The Role of Oxytocin in Our Social Lives

Oxytocin is often referred as the "love hormone" because of its role in facilitating attachments. This oxytocin infographic highlights just a few tidbits about recent research explaining how this molecules shapes our social lives.


Source:… Continue

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Are You Tapping Into Your Partnership Synergy?

People usually marry for love. A new phenomenon, only a couple of centuries old, in the history of the institution of marriage and in this culture. I say “usually” because sometimes people just get married because that is the thing to do, again speaking from today’s and this culture’s context.

But what people sometimes don’t realize is…


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Do You Have Dirty Thoughts About Your Partner?

When was the last time you were physically intimate with your partner? If you say a long time, you are not alone! A lot of couples share their sexual life is in the toilet. They struggle getting along, among other things, to the point that being physically intimate is the furthest thing from their mind. Getting along is a big priority for these…


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