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March 2011 Blog Posts (13)

Does Your Marriage Need a Boost?

A regular Hitched contributor and podcast guest, Dr. Michelle Gannon and her husband Dr. Patrick Gannon, have helped countless couples through their Marriage Prep 101 ( seminars. Today, and by popular demand, they're announcing the launch of Marriage Boost 101 (… Continue

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A Confident Being sports a Healthy Look

People often say that a confident man is capable of achieving great heights of success. So metimes, our self doubting abilities act as a major stumbling block in between our career and lives. When we don’t believe in ourselves, it will lead to a lackluster performance. The human psyche can be filled with all sorts of negative thoughts if we allow it to haunt…


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Moms & Kids Don't Recognize They're Overweight

Sometimes we see what we want to see. When researchers at Columbia University Medical Center in New York asked 111 women and 111 children to look at silhouettes of underweight, normal weight, overweight, obese and extremely obese images, most moms and kids believed their bodies matched images that were thinner than their own weight. Both…


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10 Hindrances to Romance

#9 – Busyness


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A few years ago Tom took me away for a romantic night alone without the kids.  It was an unexpected blessing, but he made a few stipulations…


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Who's Hollywood's Most Romantic Onscreen Couple?

ABC News and People magazine have asked readers and viewers to vote on who they…


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Putting Out Fires

Why do you feel like you’re always putting out fires? Why are you so mired down in the details of your day to day that you never get to the things that really matter to you?

I’m grabbing a quick bite at the corner deli, and a woman is in deep conversation with her friend, saying: “I don’t know how it happens – I wake up, it’s half past six, I run around like a crazy woman all day, with work, the kids, the house – and the next thing I know it’s midnight and I haven’t even looked at… Continue

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How Much Would You Need to Be Wealthy?

Are you wealthy if your assets are more than $1 million? A survey by Fidelity Investments of 1,000 millionaires found that 42 percent of them didn't feel they were wealthy. In fact, many of them said the magic number to be wealthy was $7.5 million. The survey respondents had $1 million in investible assets that did not include real estate or retirement accounts. The average age of those…


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Women: A Coffee a Day Keeps Strokes Away

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention says strokes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. So it's good news for coffee-loving women out there to find out that your morning Cup 'O Joe is actually offering more benefits than helping start your day. According to Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, women who drank more…


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How to do Kegel exercises [Video]

Dr. Trina Read answers, "I feel so self conscious during intercourse because I feel like I'm 'loose'. What can I do?" For other great videos, articles, blogs and podcasts go to…


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Sexist Car Repair Woes

What is it with car repair people that they totally do not believe you when you say “Excuse me, but my car still isn’t fixed.” Why do they just stand there saying “Well, it was fine when you picked it up yesterday” when the dang thing started sputtering all of three blocks away from the shop?

And why does this happen to every woman you know and never to a guy?!

You’re no fool. You know perfectly well your car wasn’t fixed right, and you really resent being made to feel… Continue

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Mother in Law's Annoying Drop-Ins

How does your Mother in law always manage to drop in when your house is a complete mess and you look like a Survivor reject? Why can she never show up when everything's peachy keen?

You stand there dripping wet, doing your best imitation of a drowned cat, clutching your towel under your armpits as your Mother in law, in full makeup and heels at 6:30 in the morning, says "So nice to see you, dear, may I come in?" The kids are running around hysterically, the TV's blasting, your dishes… Continue

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What Are You Doing With Your Tax Return?

A new survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) says 13.2 percent of Americans will spend their refund on a big ticket item. Knowing that no money is guaranteed in today's economy, 42.1 percent say they're going to save their return. Of course, many don't have the…


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Bonding or Bondage?? How Does Your Relationship Stack Up?

When you were dating your now beloved spouse, the two of you did pretty much everything together, and so you figure that the best way to stay close is to continue to do everything together. You want your mate to share in what's important to you.


He’s a mellow sort, loves you and wants to please you. So he comes with you to yoga class, struggles into Downward-Facing Dog, groans into Bharadvaja's Twist, and does his manful best not to crack up during Cow Face. You recognize…


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