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Sustaining Healthy Relationships - 5 tips

Today I was asked to participate in an upcoming podcast for my local state Marriage and Family Therapist chapter. The topic is to provide 5 tips to help couples sustain their relationships/marriages. As I sorted through my mental files of all the useful ideas there are in this area - I wondered if there is a better way than to simply list "5 tips" (which might go in one ear of the listener - and out the other soon after). I remembered old test taking strategies and how helpful acronyms can…


Added by Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT on March 31, 2010 at 2:46pm — 2 Comments

Get onboard with some of your partner's interests

The other day I went on a mountain biking trek with my husband - up Mt. Tamalpais, a majestic and beloved mountain to our area - with a view of the San Francisco skyline on a clear day. He is an avid mountain and road biker - and the sport is a big part of his life. He trains, he monitors himself with high tech gadgets and spends a lot of time lovingly caring for his gear. I'm a very active person as well but biking hasn't historically been on the top of my list. But - when I went biking…


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Crying Gets In The Way

Why, when you've been pouring your heart out, tears streaming down your face, does your boyfriend come up with nothing more than "Well, what do you want?" when that's exactly what you've spent the past 2 hours trying to tell him? Why does it feel like you're talking to a post just when you need his love more than anything?…


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Don’t Nag, Draw Him a Picture!

“You’ve already asked me that, a hundred times!” your spouse snaps at you. “Well, you haven’t done it yet!” you retort. “Nag, nag, nag” your erstwhile beloved mutters under his breath. “What was that?” you demand. “Nothing, dear,” he says with heavy sarcasm on the dear, as he stomps out the door.

You could scream. You know perfectly well that you nag at him, but what else can you do? You can’t get all the chores done yourself, and there are some things he’s in control of that you… Continue

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Week #18: No Sex This Week

Week #18: Six Month Sex Challenge—Being passive-aggressive feels good in the moment, but it only makes things more difficult in the long run.

Lesson I learned from last week: If you’re having a difficult time communicating, there are tools like A Private Affair game to help you start proactive communication.

This is a good news and bad news… Continue

Added by Trina Read on March 28, 2010 at 7:26am — 1 Comment

Prostitute or tramp? What's the difference?

Maryanne Comaroto

We all know the chief difference between a tramp and a prostitute, right? Of course - the prostitute gets paid for what she does. But these days, the line between the two seems to be getting more and more blurry, as women who have done what used to be unspeakable, are now more than eager to sell their stories to the highest bidder, regardless of who gets hurt or what the consequences are.

To take an example from my…

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10 Steps for Avoiding Divorce

Although relationships often seem daunting, by following these ten simple steps, you can build the foundation for a strong, happy marriage.

1) Spend time together

The number one cause for the breakdown in marriage today is that couples aren't spending enough time together or making the relationship a priority. Everything else seems to take… Continue

Added by Michele Weiner-Davis on March 24, 2010 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Co-workers Pick on You

Why do your co-workers pick on you? Why do they feel free to criticize and make fun of you instead of letting you work in peace?

You barely sit down at your desk when your co-workers start in on you: "Hey, look at those bags under your eyes. Wild weekend, huh?" or "There's donuts in the lunch room. Course you don't want any cause you're always on a diet." They borrow your stapler, take your pens, your scotch tape, your last clean whatever and never replace any of it no matter how… Continue

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Week #17--Good Communication Means Better Sex

Week #17—Six Month Sex Challenge: Talking about sex is incredibly important; but talking about sex is awkward and can put a couple off of sex.

Lesson I learned from last week: Shower sex just got a lot more fun with shower sex accessories.

If I had a nickel…

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said, “Great sex starts with great communication”, well,… Continue

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Contemplating an Affair? Think Again...

Why are you about to have an affair when you know your marriage is over if your husband ever finds out? Why are you risking it all when you know it’s just lust?

A wife confides to her friend: “I’m thinking of having an affair.” “You’re not,” her friend says, “Do I know him? Who is it? Tell me everything.” “No, you don’t know him. And there’s not that much to tell, yet,” the wife replies. “I’m just, you know, thinking about it.” “But why?” the friend asks, “Are things that bad with your… Continue

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Week #16--Shower Sex Just Got Better!

Week #16 Six Month Sex Challenge: Shower Sex is even better with fun shower sex accessories!

Lesson I learned from last week: Being a new mom isn’t what zaps my libido; therefore supposed pills and potions that help arousal probably aren’t going to work.

Ode to Shower Sex

Oh shower sex how I love thee. You’re fun, easy,… Continue

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Affirming Romantic Marriages

Everyone should have a…

Added by Mariah & Byron Edgington on March 12, 2010 at 1:30am — No Comments

Would You Drop Everything to Say "I Love You"

We hear it all the time. "My husband/wife is the most important thing to me in the world." The people at put that notion to the test when they selected a group of people and challenged them to do just that, drop everything to tell their partner how much they love them. On the site you can watch various couples, unscripted, describe in… Continue

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What wolf are you feeding!

Yesterday started like many another: I woke up. Normally I am grateful I’m on the right side of the ground, count up the hours I slept peacefully, pause to recall and explore my dreams, evaluate any disturbances and inquire into my feeling state. Then I ritually discuss mutual inquiry with my husband.
Except on this morning I skipped the gratitude, climbed over my anxiety, and went straight to how many hours of sleep I had accrued. Deciding I had enough, I detached my cat from…

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Breaking Up With A Nice Guy

What is it about nice guys that makes them so hard to break up with? Why do you even want to break up with this guy when your Mom, your friends, and even your dog like him?

You're dating this genuinely nice guy. He brings you flowers regularly, he calls when he says he will, he opens car doors for you and almost always picks up the tab, and doesn't mind sitting through re-runs of the latest chick flick, yet you’re bored beyond belief. You figure you really should break up with him… Continue

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Journal Into Intimacy


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Lead by example to your kids

You don’t want your kid to undergo from early tooth decay, right? Much more have a bridge, smile makeover or an implant crown in their teeth prematurely. So, as a parent it’s best to encourage your children to brush regularly. But take my advice, don’t force them. I learned it the hard way. Instead of my kid following my rules and advice, he lost interest in following at all.…


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The Power of Touch

Touch is the first language that we learn says Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. She was commenting on an article in the NY Times discussing the power of touch through a series of studies recently conducted. For example, a study found that a sympathetic touch from a… Continue

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Beautiful Love


Added by Mariah & Byron Edgington on March 8, 2010 at 1:00am — No Comments

Date Night

Few people can make a trip to Barnes and Noble an exciting date, so I'm here to give you some tips on how it can happen for you.

1) Take a travel size bottle of ETOH (our choice was Bailey's Irish Cream which By had given me for Christmas) purchase coffee with lots of room… Continue

Added by Mariah & Byron Edgington on March 7, 2010 at 1:23pm — No Comments

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