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February 2021 Blog Posts (4)

Some Reasons Why Citation of Sources is Important When Writing

In academic writing, students are advised to cite sources they use in their assignments.

Why is it advisable to do so?

Citing sources is one of the most important things students are taught that might sound a no-brainer but not doing it could hurt your academic success or make you face…


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Post Valentine’s Day Blues are real…

Post Valentine’s Day Blues are real… There is even a thing as “Anti Valentine’s Day Week”… This week is not just for those that don’t believe on the mushy holiday, but also for those who are disappointed by it. Regardless of what camp you are in on the holiday and your Valentine’s Day experience, you can use this week to enrich your relationship. I say you - do it again, do it over, or do it after all…


This idea has to do with not…


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What to do with Valentine’s Day…

Do you love Valentine’s Day? Some obviously don’t. And, some would totally love to love it but because of their circumstances it is just a painful holiday for them. Which one are you? If you fall in the don’t love it (actually hate it) or in the painful category, I hope you can still find nuggets in here to apply to your life and relationship/s outside of Valentine’s Day… So, here is what to do with Valentine’s Day…


Yes, it has been a very…


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Does your Couple Brand™ need upgrading?

Have you ever noticed that there are certain couples in your life that you love being around, and others that you dread or avoid? How do you think others experience your relationship? Do they want to be around you and your partner? Or, do you find that you each get invites to go solo? Is your Couple Brand™ what you want it to be? Does your Couple Brand™ need upgrading?


Your couple brand is the flavor of your relationship. It’s also how your…


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