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February 2014 Blog Posts (19)

Are You Conniving in Your Relating?

Partners love telling each other what to do, how to behave, how to be, what to think, how to feel, and even things like what to eat and how to dress! They are on a mission to change their partner, consciously or not. This is a sign of lack of boundaries and personal ownership. Partners love owning each other instead…

Owning each other…


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Does Marriage Lower Blood Pressure?

Researchers at Harvard Medical School looked at 325 adults who were followed over two years and monitored their blood pressure throughout the day. The participants in the study were assigned to follow strict diets and wear devices that monitored their BP. What the researchers found was…


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New Series Asks the Big Question: What is Love?

A new NPR show, The Really Big Questions (TRBQ) from Public Radio International (PRI) and The Exploratorium in San Francisco have launched a new series of multi-media conversations about what makes us human. To get things started, the first show launched earlier this month…


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Northwestern Offers the Ultimate Education Course: Marriage 101

The Atlantic wrote a long piece about the …


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Do You Have the System to Meet Both of Your Needs Yet?

Being seen and accepted for who we are is a basic need that specially plays out in our relationship. I find that the driver behind most conflict and dissatisfaction in relationships has to do with the partners feeling they can’t be themselves in one way or another.

Partners impart this message to one another in different ways: Giving…


Added by Emma K. Vigluicci, LMFT, CIT on February 21, 2014 at 10:26am — 1 Comment

Infographic: The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

Marriage leads to a big happiness boost for 2 years and then the couples' happiness levels returns to its normal state prior to engagement after that. This and a slew interesting tidbits from a variety of studies has been compiled by Happify. For example, did you know that people in the most successful marriages spend at least 5 or more hours per week talking? Or that a happy marriage is worth an additional $105,000 a year in…


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FOR VALENTINE’S DAY: The Gift of Self Exploration & Expression

Often times partners share their wondering about how exclusivity, monogamy, and fidelity is possible in a longterm relationship. It is usually the male partners who pose this question when their female counterpart is not present.  

I appreciate their honesty, risk and willingness to explore this topic and concern. I completely understand their plight. Unfortunately, this is…


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Sex Sent Me to the ER! A Search for Sexual Mishap Stories

The producers of Untold Stories of the ER are currently conducting a nationwide search for individuals or couples who have, unfortunately, had to visit the emergency room from a sex-based injury. Compensation may be provided for selected stories and some couples may be flown to Los Angeles for the show. To tell your story or to find out more, contact the casting associate for the show, Courtney Morris, at 818-5634131 or e-mail: …


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The Top 10 Most Romantic Destinations in North America

Website, has released their Reader's Choice Awards for the 10 most romantic getaways in North America. Guess what, the No.1 city will probably surprise you. Coming in at No. 10 is Honolulu, Hawaii (although we think there are several other cities on the Hawaiian islands we…


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My Husband Left For Another Woman – Can I Get Him Back?

“I love you but I’m not in love with you”.

I’ll bet that’s what your husband said right before he left you for another woman.

When a spouse says they no longer love you, that doesn’t always mean the love is dead. It may simply mean that his love has been covered up by anger, frustration, resentment or other emotions.



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The $99,000 Valentine's Dinner

It's common knowledge that restaurants will put together special menus for Valentine's Day and increase the prices for those love-struck couples who are looking for a romantic night out. In England, luxury retail site, Very First To, and culinary site, Great British Chefs, have teamed up to create an over-the-top experience. For just £61,000 (or about…


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The Secret to Increasing Attraction and Loving…

When we are “too close”, whether we are getting along or not … , we can’t see each other. If we can’t see each other, how can we possibly decide if we like each other and feel attraction?

This concept is confusing to most, when we live in a society…


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What Gets You Super Excited …

Often times couples get so hang up in the business of running their life, attending to their family and other responsibilities, and working that being together, enjoying each other and having fun falls to the way side. This creates a terrible state of affairs where after a while couples forget how to have fun together … Too often I hear couples question whether they still have anything in common or if they ever did, wonder how to rebuild that into their relationship, and…


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Do You Play with Your Partner?

It’s interesting that we seek “togetherness” in our relationship, but this is exactly what brings about its demise and our general unhappiness … As a culture, we are experiencing numbness, a lack of Desire in our Relationship … Monogamy, exclusivity, our partner-meeting-all-our-needs, marriage for love is a fairly new phenomenon in our…


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How is the Communication in Your Relationship?

Couples share one of the main issues in their relationship is their inability to properly communicate. They feel out of sync, not on the same page, disconnected, and not understood. To top it off their planning, getting things done, resolving conflict, making decisions and such are jeopardized by their lack of communication skill.

Their inept attempt at communicating makes things worse as they hurt each other’s feelings, widen the…


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Would You Like to Experience Greater Desire and Passion?

Couples usually end up accepting the lack of desire and passion in their relationship as a fact of life for a longterm relationship. They are not happy or satisfied with this, but their attempts at remedying their lack of (passionate) physical intimacy don’t usually succeed. 

The reason for this is partners’ misconceived ideas about sex, intimacy, and each other, unrealistic expectations, body issues,…


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Are You Ready for a Deeper Connection with Your Spouse?

Couples struggle the most when they have poor boundaries.  When they tell each other, whether to the other’s face or in their own mind, how to be, how to feel, how to behave, what to think, etc. They are imposing themselves on their partner not allowing their partner to be themselves.

This causes the other to be cautious, unavailable, reactive, rageful, passive aggressive, flaky, and all kinds of ways that are not conducive to intimacy, togetherness, respect,…


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Are You Passionate in Your Relationship?

How hot are you in your relationship? Do you allow your Self to be hot? Are you in touch with your hotness? Does your hotness come out and play? If you are like most partners in a long-term committed relationship, the answer to these questions might not very…


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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift: Forgiveness

What if you made this Valentine’s Day more than a day about hearts and flowers? What if you made this Valentine’s Day about expanding your love, taking it beyond whatever wonderfulness you now experience to something even more amazing?



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