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February 2011 Blog Posts (10)

Keeping an Erection During Oral Sex

Question: The last time I was getting oral sex I lost my erection and now it happens often. Why does this happen and what can I do to stop it?

This can be a very common experience. As rapidly as blood engorges your penis to make it erect, the blood can just as quickly drain away leaving you limp. In fact, many men also lose their erections during sexual… Continue

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Opportunity Knocks But Once? Yikes!

Why is it the one time a really great opportunity comes your way, you have to turn it down? How can you be so close to grabbing the brass ring, only to have to let it pass you by?

I'm at the carwash, thinking about nothing, and a woman is worrying to her friend: "I just don't know what to do. My boss is pushing me for an answer: am I taking the position out of state, am I not – and I still don’t know what to tell him." "It's a great opportunity," her friend replies. "I know" the… Continue

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Casting for New Romantic Docu-Series

I have a casting notice that may be of interest to you. We are Shed Media US, producers of ABC’S  “Supernanny”,  Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York City”, “Bethenny Getting Married?”, and Animal Planet’s “It’s Me Or The Dog”.  We are currently casting a new relationship docu-series for married couples who want to reconnect and rekindle their love lives.  Whether it’s schedules, children, or just life in general, their love lives have been put on the back burner!  The series will involve a…


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Sex after a miscarriage [Video]

Dr. Trina Read answers, "I've recently had a miscarriage. We want to start trying again to have another baby, but I'm really scared. What should we do?" For more videos go to…


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Have No Life

Why do you feel so backward compared to your friends? Why do you get depressed when you look at what they’re doing that you’re not?

"Are you going to the barbecue this weekend?” a girlfriend asks. “No,” you reply, not really knowing which barbecue she’s referring to, but since you weren’t invited to any, you’re not going anyway. “Oh, well that’s too bad,” your friend says, “We’ve been having barbecues all summer. So what are you doing?” “Nothing much,” you reply, “Errands, chores,… Continue

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Caldwell Family Lawyers Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland Family Lawyers

Caldwell Family Lawyers is a specialist division of Caldwell Solicitors that has the objective of providing high quality Family Law legal advice from a team of Solicitors who can be trusted to deliver results that are achieving the best possible outcome.

Family Law is something that most of us will encounter in our lives. Either you or someone you know will be divorced or separated, giving rise to a whole range of issues relating to… Continue

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Celebrating Valentine's Day--Global TV Interview

Leslie Horton and Dr. Trina talk about whether you should celebrate Valentine's Day on Global TV Calgary Saturday… Continue

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Bump Into Your Ex? Yikes!

What is it about bumping into your ex that turns you into a bumbling fool? How can someone you no longer love cause you such emotional havoc?


I'm out shopping with a girlfriend, and we're wandering around the mall, having a great time, when suddenly she grabs my arm, shoves me in front of her and says, "Don't move. Hide me. He's coming right at us." "Who?" I ask, immediately panicked. I look around. I'm expecting a gun-toting madman, but all I see is this somewhat distracted…


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Dr. Trina talks about Erotic Massage [Video]

Dr. Trina Read talks about the importance of bringing massage into your lovemaking. She highlights the video "The Joy of Erotic Massage" by the Sinclair Institute. For more great articles, blogs and videos go to…


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Blended Family Misery

Why can't your step-kids make nice and behave like your own kids? Why do your step-children make it so hard for you to just like them, much less love them?


My girlfriend is frustrated, says, "I don't think I can take this any more. I thought a blended family meant we'd blend. Instead, it's like 2 enemy camps, my kids on the one hand, polite, respectful, and his – 2 screaming meemees running amuck. "What does your husband say about it?" I ask. "Give it time," my girlfriend…


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